I am so fucking tired of tumblr’s “positivity on life”. Like every single post i saw today was like : u must be nice and say wonderful things to people bec they might like honey waffles AND HOW DARE YOU SAY YOU DONT,DONT YOU SEE THEY ARE CRYING.Every single life statement of mine must be shitting happy singing sunflowers and i am a shitty person if I dare not be possitive every second. And then there are the posts where everyone are like “Oh it is normal to be sad,you are just human no one expects you to be happy all the time,no one knows your inner strugglings” but the moment you go over mopping in the corner and get those periods of inexplainable anger or get prone to violence just because your “ inner strugglings” people start hating you again.But yes,sure,tumblr is the most possitive place online,ok.

My parents told me not to speak to strangers on the internet.
But then I joined tumblr and came across some of the most amazing people…
So kids, the moral of this story is, don’t listen to your parents.

To be honest, it kind of upsets me when people tell me that things will get better because I genuinely believe that for some people things will never get better. No matter how much time passes. No matter how much they smile through it. No matter how strong they are. No matter how much support they have from others. I just feel like some people will be fucked for life.