Find someone who will go out of their way just to make you happy. Find someone who loves you for you. Find someone who won’t judge you. Find someone who will always be there no matter the circumstances. Find someone who cares about you. Find someone who you can stay up with all night and talk. Find someone to sit out on the porch with and look at the stars. Find someone who makes you your very own playlist. Find someone who will hold you while you cry. Find someone who will wipe your tears way. Find someone who will watch your favorite tv show with you. Find someone who knows your favorite drink. Find someone who know everything about you. Find someone who treats you like a “Princess”. Find someone who looks at you for no reason. Find someone who takes “cute” pictures of you while you are doing things. Find someone who puts you first before them. Find someone who loves you unconditionally. Why? Because having that “Someone” is worth it. Trust me. I found my someone, and I plan on keeping her. I love you Queen 👑😘😍 @goflyakight

Chubby OTP prompts bc heck yeah
  • Person A squishing Person B’s cheeks
  • Person A kissing Person B’s tummy bc it’s just the softest and greatest and a v good place to lay their head
  • Person B sitting on Person A’s lap and did I mention Person B has the best butt ever, oh my
  • Person A slapping said butt whenever they walk past because it’s just so hard not to
  • Person B giving hugs and cuddles like nobody else A knows. The safest warmest best good shit
  • Person A borrowing Person B’s sweaters and drowning in them a lil bit but loving every minute of it. More material means more of B’s smell and this is A+ acceptable
  • Person B being happy with their weight just bc they are, not bc Person A’s fuckin,, love cured them of their low esteem or whatever
  • Soft thighs
  • Soft thighs

*(written by a chubby person!)*

I have never been more in love with anyone like I am with this perfect angel right here. Being away from her more than I’ve been with her has been the hardest six years of my life, but she’s been worth every mile. My girlfriend. My amazing, beautiful, girlfriend has never let me down. I’m so thankful for such an amazing human being in my life. I could be surrounded by thousands of people, and one kiss from her can make me forget all of my troubles.. Because nothing matters but her. I’m so happy that our long distance relationship is coming to an end because in 44 short days, I get to spend every single day with her and it will be the start of something beautiful. I don’t care who knows, I don’t care what anyone has to say.. I’ve never been more in love, and I won’t let anyone get in the way of our happiness.

Alla domanda che in molti mi fanno ’ ma come mai sei single?’ ho una risposta ben precisa.
Non voglio un ragazzo da una botta e via o un ragazzo che punti subito a quello,voglio un ragazzo che prima impari a conoscermi,che mi chieda se sto bene,se c'è qualcosa che mi preoccupa,voglio qualcuno che abbia come unico ‘obbiettivo’ rendermi felice,poi si può passare al sesso.Non voglio ricevere 'ti amo’ così al cazzo,detto senza pensarci,senza un valore,non voglio essere apprezzata solo per le mie gambe,le mie tette e la mia vagina,voglio qualcuno che sappia capire i miei silenzi,le mie lacrime e i miei sorrisi,voglio qualcuno che si preoccupi per me,voglio un amico,un fratello e un ragazzo,una persona su cui contare sempre.
Non voglio scopare dopo cinque minuti che ci conosciamo,voglio qualcuno in grado di amarmi in tutto e per tutto.