omg hiiiiiii everyone guess what

I HIT 2K FOLLOWERS. i’ve only had this blog for a little less than a year and a half and i can’t believe even 5 people like me enough to follw let alone TWO THOUSAND. what 

soooo basically heres a follow forever to thank you all and also i forgot so many people for my winter follow forever! so i’m going to spend more time on this one ahah (however this edit is crappy but i had a different one and it was even worse. i couldnt stand it lol and i got bored of trying to fix it so i so the only logical thing to do would to give up. laziness. but i did this one and i like it better yaaay)

basically, i’m putting every mutual/favorite mutuals on here because i love all of you and why not (long list ahead omg) here’s my blogroll

jade urls: whyjades, adoresjade, jadecurlwall, akathirlwall, thugwall, thirlsgirl, thirvvy/firelise, jadelust, thirlwife, thirlwank, thirlily, drunkjadeisfun, jademixs, thlrlwalls, jdaethirlwall, moanjade, greathirlwall, jadethrls, snowthirlies, thirlyeah, thirlwallokay, jadeamellia, thirlwarmy, analjadey, tinythirlwall, thirldollz, thrls, jadescannonball, jdaelust, j4dethirlwall, rainbowjade, minipoopey, jadesie, tropicthirlwall, peekaboojade, passionjade, jadethirilwull, waltjadey, ofjadeys

perrie urls: amorperrie, acidperrie, perriemove, soperrie, cutiepez, perriecake, belleperries, ispezza, isperrie, gotperrie, awperrie, edwads, perriesmitten, withperrie, ofperrys, perriedswards, perriesangels, perrieedvards, goldperrie, perrae, perrietoxic, cyberpunkperrie, lustsperrie, babyperrie, perrieishungry, omfgpez, cuperrie, perrey, perriemafia, queenedwards, perrieplease, perriehipster, perrieoxides, myperrie, pearey, acidperrie, goddessperrie, softperrie

jesy urls: jesying, jesycouture, stereonelson, jesymania, jesyurl, jesicanelson, foreverjesy, datesjesy, frecklejesy, jessicanelson, boyjesy, nelsonators, jesus-jesy, jesynation, jesybitches, bangjesy, fckingjesy, thatsojesy, ofnelsons/poshspcie, jessicadont

leigh urls: cosmicleigh, cleightoris, leighmited, sexualeigh, pinncock, leighu, leighmonade, pinnkok, leighfairy, umpinnock, tattooedleigh, waffleigh, painnock, leighliciouss, stepleigh, pinnockmix, pinnocakes

little mix/misc. urls: cannonwall, littlemixbrat, chermix, wittlemix, harriejuana, horadecallarse, jdaesy, lovedrnk, mixerprince, selaenagomez, seashelled, danielsharmean, ofdianas(-hiatus), shefanciesme, wiltedink, femzerrie, ofyouomeatsix, beyonceera, unitdkngdoms, littlemixladies, naughtymix, fvcklukes, leiqhade, awlerrie, wannamoves, southsheild, jerrienation, wowlerrie, zerrey, wolverchanel, fourmixes, jerrieplease, babyspcie, acapellamix, wowlesy, wigns, barbraplvin, littlemyx, itreallygetsonmyboobs, jaedsy, elenamalinson, pinnowards, stylebyjhelisa, leurrie, lerriepedwards, louisprinkles, hrriestyles, lezwards, harrygergich, ilypesy, javvadmalik, rhythm-mixers, jesythirls, cliforder, mixersbian, superchero, lerries, thirlhoran, firewkors, zouuuis, fratboyszouis, rhythxim, pottrer, zaynsdna, moistcalum

once again thank you so much and i love you all! 

So its the New Year and I’ve been on tumblr for quite a while, I wanted to do something that (I hope) would be mean alot to the people I follow aka the people that make me happy with my dash, so here is my very first (Fandom) Follow Forever (: 

Bolded are my faves!

So to start off this list, I want to name all my friends who I’ve felt were like my real life BFF (hover for a message)

saba, grace, tasha, laura, shauna

Now these blogs, while I don’t really know you that well, you have made me happy I follow you and I hope you know how important you all are to me! 

A - aciaperrie, akathirlwall, annetwist, antiteen, awlerrie, awlou, adoresluke, alxddin. analjadey, asslena,

B - bamniall, bangjesy,bangstefan, barbieedwards, basterdino, bohomixs, boobstyles,bostun, bowupjerrie, brahdfodz, befurious,

C - calumpayne, calxum, camelacabelo, candlelion, cannonwall, capploucino, chermix, christmix, cliffourds, cliforder, caldplayls, coralperrie, cosmicleigh, craicohol, cosmicthirlwall, cupofneslon

D - datesjesy,definesyou, diamondlarry, disneyjade

E - edwardsholic, eevrdeens, edwrads,

F - fairyperrie, faultstars, fckingjesy, firstlourry, firelise, floozylouis, foreverjesy, fourmizes, freckleigh, fuckperries, fuckjesy, fvesauce

G - geekyhoran, glitty, godleigh, gotperrie, greathirlwall

H - harhrystyles, harriejuana, harrysthefather,harrystyhells,harryyuck, haryry,hatesharry, heirperrie, heylittlemix, hoehazza, holyperrie, horanmystyle

I - ibanglouis, idsney, ilythirlwall, itreallygetsonmyboobs, irleands, isperrie

J - j-thirlwalls, jadecurlwall  jadehatesmonobrows, jadelicious, jademixs, jadethirliwall,jaedsy, jadethirlwell, jamaalthesimplistic, jaweedzain, jdaebawdi, jdaethirlwall, jesmindas, jessicanelson, jesus-jesy, jesybtiches, jesycouture, jesyenlson, jesying, jesyish, jesysfairy, jesynation, jesythirls

K - kringlemix

L - larrysnutella, larrysaystostop, lebronialler, leighanal, leighbabe, leighmonade, leighslovedrunk, leighsmile, leighsters, leighstripper, lerries, lerriesistible, liamshire, lilhemmo, lilmixamerica, literallyrad, littelmix, littlcmix, littlemixbitch, littlemixbrat, littlemixerrr, littlemixrz,littlemixtakes, littlemixurl, louisbeckham, louishxrry, louislloyd, louisqvuitton, lousitomlinson, lovedrnk, lustsperrie

M - merrythirvy, midnightmemoeries, miixers, milleyray, mixerprinces, mixersbian, mixins, mr-bows, myperrie

N - naughtymix, nelsonation, nelsonators, nelsunf, niallhurans, niallsdicks, niallstragram, nouisnigg

O - ofdisny, ofnelsons, ofperrys, okayperrie, okharold, ollymurs, omfgpez, omfgpinnock, omgpezza, oroperrie, orozayn, orperrie

P - paynecane, pearey, peerrie, perrey, perriecake, perriedswards, perrieedvards, perrieemiz, perriefcuk, perriehipster, perriencess, perriepan, perriepunk, perriesalute, perriesangels, perriesbabes, perrieste, perriezs, pinncock, pinneck, pinnockes, pinnowall, punkgrande, purries

Q - queenthirls

R - rainingniall, ratedpayne, reesecsups, rideniall, roeswood

S - samcraske, screwperrie, seducivelou, sighpezz, sleighs, snakehabltat, snowingjade, soperrie, stereonelson, stonerperrie, stoperrie, strutperrie

T - tadejhirlwal, tattooedleigh, thirlbabe, thirlboob, thirliewhirl, thirlily, thirliwalz, thirllsy, thirlock, thirls, thirlsgirl, thirlweed, thirwooll, thirlzwall, thirlzy, thirlwalled, thugwall, tinythirlwall, tweenboy420, twinkhaz

U - uhmpezza, unpoppular

V - vaginialls, versacedwards

W - waffleigh, waltjadey, wildniam, wittlemix, wolvaries, wowjesy

X - x-littlemix

Y - yukoki

Z - zaerys, zaynandperrielove, zerrie, zerrie-bitchesoh, zerriegirl, zerrienor, zerrieshipperz

Sorry if you didn’t make it! And this was my fandom follow forever and only like 5 people on here aren’t fandom, so thats why you may not be on it!

Okay, have a happy new year! :D

Hello! Ok since it’s the holidays and I am so close to 2,000 followers i decided to make a follow forever! now i know as a fact i will forget people and i dont mean to so i am so so so so so so so so sorry! ITALICS = message and NORMAL = i love you and i am happy you are on my dash stay strong 

ps i follow 905 blogs because of all the different fandoms i am in so this was really hard to make and it took me 5 fucking hours i started at 12 midnight and finished at 4 am so i am sure i forgot people but yea here you go i was waiting till i reaches 2,000 but i still have like 100 to go


these are my incredible wives!

these are all the amazing LM/MULTI blogs i follow!

these are all the amazing 1D/MULTI/OTHER blogs i follow!

these are the people i know in real life and i love them!