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Follow these perfect blogs (in no particular order);

+reflectyourlights, +myperfectdrew, +dadbieber, +foxbieber, +allfredoflores, +crazyrrauhl, +withbiebers, +ownyous, +rauhl, +biebersdreaming, +ohdrewbiebs, +gomezandthebeat, +kidrauhldailybro, +ibieberfornia

withdrews replied to your post: top 20 favorite blogs?

oh my gosh thank u so much emma ily

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oh little emma ily

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omg emma jkldfhrtugefdlhakgfguhdfu dklfhraeglfkjfhadsf thank you

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kafkjfsdg tysm

withdrews; you’re welcome!<3 ilyt♥

myperfectdrew; oh big yamii ilyt :)

stratfordcanada; reuighjriuojhregiuojhguiehgeruigherugier, you’re welcome

thatsexybieber; khgiurejgh yw :)

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moonslights;; i love her theme, sidebar, posts, icon, just everything. she is really nice, even tho i don’t talk to her ;p she’s perf

bieberstone;; EVERY SINGLE DAMN TIME I SEE HER URL I THINK IT SAYS BIEBERSTONGUE OMFG. but other than that, i like her blog :~) it’s cute, i just followed her. hehe

myperfectdrew;; she’s perf, okay nuff said.

yolobieber;; she is perfect also, bye.

ANONYMOUSLY send me a url and i’ll say what i think about them/their blog.