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same anon who got into panic because of you - i'm not really familiar with the band. i keep seeing stuff (mostly from you) about ryan ross (that's his name, i think) and i have no idea who he is. i mean, the only person i know from the band i brendon

alright mypal strap in cause you’re in for a wild ride 

the first thing i have to say is ryden. ryden is the ship name for ryan ross and brendon urie so keep that in mind (about at least 60% of the panic! fanbase ships ryden or at least believes it was real so)

in 2004, ryan ross (guitarist n my babe) and spencer smith (drummer and beautiful man) started p!atd along with this dude called brent wilson

myboy ryan in 2004

spence in 2004

u can search up brent but he’s lowkey irrelevant aPART FROM THE FACT THAT he’s the one that invited bren to the band for guitar and stuff but then they all realised that bren was better at singing than ry so he became lead vocalist (no hard feelings bc im pretty sure that ry n bren clicked back then.,,..,if u know what i mean)(if u don’t you’ll see later)

and then ry sent a link to one of their demos to pete from fob (i think it was time to dance?? i can link u to that version if u wanna) and pete was like “lol i like this imma come down to vegas to hear u guys play” and pete signed them though they never played any live shows so yes they were Lucky and Talented (and liked by pete wentz so)

and then in 2005 they recorded & released a fever you can’t sweat out which made the charts

n in 2006 they collectively decided to kick brent out of the band bc he didn’t do anything?? like bren had to record all the bass part on fever bc he didnt and he wasnt providing creatively at all so yes that happened (n they took in chicago boy jon walker)

oh, also they won a vma for sins and performed it live which was Good. 

(which one looks more emo? no one knows)

yknow what i mean,.,,. (tell me this is not gay.)

here are a few pictures from their Nothing Rhymes With Circus tour which was good for ryan ross pictures (also live in denver happened and it’s the best thing you’ll ever hear ryan’s backing vocals are jdshgj)

and .,.,.ryden,,..,., lots of ryden

anY WAY moving on

by came the pretty. odd. era (and the cabin but that’s another story) which was completely different style wise: while fever was full of theatrics and performers and shit, pretty. odd. was like

sO yes and then in 2009 ryan and jon announced that they were leaving the band because of “creative differences” mainly between bren and ry so.,., yeah. the last show they played all together was in cape town, south africa. (ryan’s later band the young veins had a song called cape town.,,..,,.,.not suspicious.,.,especially the lyrics,.,.)

their last show together…ye

and then in 2011 vices&virtues came out, along with salty performances from brendon (the lyric “here i am composing a burlesque” from nearly witches was written by ryan and brendon had fun parodying it onstage that little shit) 

and then in 2015 spencer had to leave panic! because of his addiction and was very clear and honest about it. i love spencer smith he’s a beautiful man. this is gospel was written for him

also, dallon weekes helped for the writing of the fourth album (too weird to live, too rare to die) and had started touring with them in like 2011 (cue lots of stage gay) as well as ian crawford who was guitarist for them till 2013 where he was replaced by kenneth harris 

this is dallon

stage gay


ian and bren onstage in 2011

kenny very recentlY?? if u go to a panic! show you’ll see kenny and dallon and bren (obvs) and dan who stepped in when spencer left

so yes the rest is history??? lmk if you have any more questions?? 


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