The world’s longest ANSI by Blocktronics, 2014. 4,636 lines of text - equivalent to a 7-storey building and takes 12 minutes to watch.

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Heya!! How's your day going?? It's the anon who got embarrassed in school abt Instagram nd stuff. So my friend was sitting near the guy I liked, I'll called him T, I'll be TAnon too, and he turned round to talk to her and she said to him "Sorry T, did I give you permission to talk to me" and his pals heard and were all like "BONESY JUST GOT CRUSHED" (his nickname is bones) and apparently he looked a lil hurt. I don't want him to be hurt or embarrassed though, but I am proud and thankful to mypal

hi im good! and i am your pal,,, i stg if i got a hold of tht kid i would strangle him for being a lil bitch :((( also ur friend is pro savage can i take lessons?