FakeAHCrew idea- meeting the Sauce Pt2

Continued thoughts, sorry this is so long

I’ve practically made this a story (I’m not a writer this is so dumb)

-Ever since Alfredo moved out to Los Santos to get work and possibly find a crew to cement the money flow, it’s been a wild ride just like the rest of life

-Most of the gangs were either too small or lacked the coordination for what he wanted to achieve, they couldn’t keep up with him, or they got upset some non-local dared to think he could run with them (in which he proved them wrong, but it was too late by then), and not to mention the lack of trust all around

-He couldn’t hate on solo mercenary work though, where his versatile skills and abilities shined, no worries of double crossing, and the richest of the rich throwing money everywhere for him to “clean up the city”, earning him the title “the Sauce”

-Lately though, a certain demanding kingpin had been hollering for heads to roll, claiming “You owe me big time, you skinny fuck”, and there came the double edge of solo-work

Pay back a favor you have no memory of, or since no one’s watching his back, be more paranoid than usual, unfamiliar with how Los Santos rich fucks run and not wanting to know how many fuckers could be chasing after him or worse?

Fuck it, he wants the guy off his back, so the Sauce will deliver, any request will be fulfilled

-Hit after hit, the kingpin frothing at the mouth for bodies piling higher and higher until he wanted heads of the Fakes, a big gang Alfredo was aware of, but not informed about, so he takes to the rooftops for his own research

-What Alfredo gathers is that they are practically psychopaths, destruction and confusion trailing their steps, lower sides of town practically in awe of them, the corrupt privileged and competing gangs shaking in their boots at the sight of them barreling in and he dug it

-They treat each other- or at least act, like a family, busting each others’ balls, but will throw themselves into the fray if it will keep the others alive (they watch each others’ backs and he’s got no one)

-What else is that he must need more sleep or something bc he’s been seeing ghosts run around Los Santos and he’s not gonna lie, it’s really been fucking with him each time he had to watch the fakes

He never found out if his brothers died or not when they disappeared and he never checked up to see if they were still alive either, but damn, two of the fakes were hitting him hard in the nostalgia with appearances and mannerisms

A dangerous big guy called Vagabond running around in a black skull mask, pulling antics like his older brother Ryan used to, acting creepy but goofy while upholding his murderous reputation, and from the shadows, often waiting for the opportunity to strike with a grin is someone else wearing his face….. oh fuck that might not just be nostalgia

-From then on, Alfredo more or less unofficially became a guardian angel for his brothers and eventually all of the reckless fakes, fleeing the scene before they notice, it’s hard to continue on a head hunting mission when the targets are people you still care about even if you’re not a part of their life anymore

But he finally slipped up, got too involved getting up close and personal with a rival gang, but he had to, they got Ryan and Michael cornered and backup wasn’t gonna make it time, so the Sauce delivered and he wiped the floor with them, but he also wiped away his perfect record of giving the client what they want bc his demanding as fuck oldass richbitch kingpin is probably pissed damn it that guy’s gonna come for him

So Alfredo plans to leave Los Santos like how he arrived, unaware of the familiar eyes looking after him

-Once Alfredo makes his hasty exit, Trevor books it after him and Ryan tries to follow after, but Michael stops him at least one of you dramatic assholes is explaining shit to me right now, whose best option is to just call the crew for another backup driver and fast

-A game of cat and mouse around the city ensues, but this time Trevor catches up to Alfredo, but just he’s getting cornered by the demanding client and his goons, an old contact that Trevor’s annoyed to see, talking out his ass with his nose sniffing for the heavens

-”I hired you to take out the fakes, not fucking cover them,” The goons inch in more and more, Alfredo’s not that concerned about them, he’s concerned on who’s the backup plan for the goons “Ya’ know Treyco, thought you’d learn be by now-”

Wait a fucking minute, not only is Alfredo pissed (this fucker didn’t fucking know who he was actually hiring!? He didn’t owe this guy shit god damn it!!), but so is Trevor and before the kingpin could finish his thought, his hired muscles were out across the concrete with knives in their backs, and Trevor reveals himself from the shadows, with a sharpened grin and burning eyes “Now, if you wanted to see me that bad old friend, you could’ve called~”

The poor fucker was seeing double, sputtering as he looked at these two look-a-likes, the real Trevor with his bladed teeth and melting eyes, and Alfredo with a tight frown burning a hole through his head since he removed his sunglasses

Safe to say, another glorious puppeteer of Los Santos forcibly met his violent end, screaming in agony the entire way in some shit alleyway

The second the kingpin left the world, Trevor nearly smashed Alfredo into a hug, leftover adrenaline and pushed back emotions overriding sense, while Alfredo froze in response

“At least in this reunion, no one’s stabbed each other yet, huh?” He brings up a past joke in a wobbly tone, but it was worth it to hear Alfredo snort and chuckle as he finally hugged him back

-By the time the fakes find them, having skewered the city looking for them, they’re eating at a McDonalds or something, joking around and planning hare-brained heists on napkins, ignoring the blood upon their clothes, and there the crew gets a personal introduction to Alfredo the Sauce, already mixing him up with Trevor but picking up their small differences

-Ryan feels conflicted from his mix-ups bc yes he hadn’t seen Trevor and Alfredo since they were kids and sibling angst stuff but he should know his brothers’ faces also thank fuck the best people of his past family are still alive

-Jeremy’s embarrassed at his mix-up because he definitely knew of all people from being on the Stream Team that Trevor can’t do sniping worth shit and he doesn‘t appear outside during the day unless there’s work to do in the shadows, he’s practically allergic to the sun (in which he loudly adds to the conversation, much to Trevor’s ire and his twin’s amusement)

-Alfredo’s happy to not be alone anymore, especially with the endless embarrassing stories about his brothers

Just another reason why..

I can’t even forget how it felt when your wrist bent at

my waist.

Or the sound you made when you were sleeping a

little too deeply in my arms; I was always afraid you

were never going to wake back up.

I don’t even need to close my eyes, and I see you.

I can feel your skin under my fingertips just by

thinking your name.

What is this game of love, really?

My senses are blinded and my guard is down; I

tremble at the sound of your footstep.

I can’t even forget the sound of your footstep.

Or the way your lips lay against your teeth like

silk against pearls. The way you’d hide your smile.

There’s things in this life you can not achieve, places

that you may never reach.

But I’ve seen the ethereal​.

I’ve known the heavens, I have loved with a love only

the Gods could synchronize.

So please, tell me why, my bleeding knees and

pleading eyes do not compromise the anger in your

heart, or the bitterness in your mind.

Because I still remember the way you’d say my name

in your sleep, and the way you’d laugh at me.

And I still remember how we kissed, like we were

losing time. And the way your voice sounded when

you meant it when you said you’d always love me.

I can’t even forget the look on your face when you

knew you loved me.

I remember when you loved me.

I know you loved me.

-writing about you again

AH Fantasy AU Headcanons

Why not?

-Shuffle the Lands Sky Factory AU- Some sort of major incident (like a strange meteor rain shower or an ambitious wizard’s mistake) has flipped kingdoms upside down, sent them to different dimensions like the Nether, or ripped them straight out of the earth and this is how people react to their new situations, like destroyed homes, separated family & friends, new friends or strangers dropped into the same area, moved too close to areas filled with enemies or monsters, etc.

-No Real Winners AU- Ryan the Mad King, Blood magic madman Jeremy, their horrific feud and the local warriors like Mogar, Gavin, Lindsay, and others sent to deal with their bullshit, their petty fighting and growing followings on either side damaging their home villages and stop killing old Geoff’s chickens he’ll come out here and kill you himself this time, forcing enemies to be eventual friends (or more, idk shit about romance)

-Passing Notes AU- Young ruler Mica sometimes sending letters to Ryan or the other Gents or Lads on how to deal with certain royal court issues and getting all types of advice, bad, good, not helpful but entertaining, and how she interprets that advice or doesn’t follow it at all, Matt Bragg as the advisor who could definitely could help steer her in the right direction, but that’s too much work and not as fun

-The town crier Andy mixing up news of what’s to come or giving away secrets and causing utter strange confusion or violent panicked chaos, or both at once across town, like unnecessary riots or fights, people performing weird deeds, telling gossip about which royals are fucking or fighting, etc.

-former warrior Geoff finding peace in caring for a bunch of lively chickens on his little farm and exasperated builder Jack trying to keep an eye on curious apprentice Alfredo, who’s been disappearing randomly, exploring the dangerous woods around them and meeting the magical inhuman inhabitants like Creeper kid Gavin, Mogar the werebear, and others, causing trouble

-In order to fulfill a prophecy to save their weakening ancient kingdom from their powerful enemies, Rebel organization of Achievement Hunter trying to find the true heirs Alfredo and Trevor, stolen-and-separated-at-birth magical twins of two strong warring kingdoms, who meet as heirs during tense treaties, ideals clashing, mysterious cults, newfound family and friends, battles, and renewed home stuff

-Don’t Shoot the Messenger AU- B-team people as the poor messengers, running between the major hostile kingdoms to deliver news like new or broken treaties or battles, just barely escaping angry rulers with their lives, sneaking stupid love letters in between the ridiculous rulers, getting lost as they travel, and running into each other

-Girl Fight AU- Lindsay, Mica, and Elyse (I love them all so much) just being awesome knights or mages or whatever else, dungeon crawling, and saving their friends’ asses, either actively doing it or having a break day catching up on past events

-Inner Workings AU- Ruler AnyoneYouWant, their most loyal subjects and what they do to keep the kingdom running, like the advisor who keeps the ruler sane during council meetings or makes them even more pissed to be there, the spy or assassin who shows up randomly with info picking out the traitors or other crimedoers, the general who whips the army into shape, the head chef who will even fist fight the ruler if they don’t get out the fuck of their damn kitchen it’s not meal time, etc.

-Only Lies AU- recent villager upsets and protests are happening more and more, Good or Evil Ruler SoandSo knows of a traitor lurking the castle, doesn’t know who to trust (could be more than one traitor), needs to find them before another rebellion or riot breaks out at the castle this time

-Mad King Ryan had ordered powerful wizard Matt Bragg to create new ways to torment these new prisoners, he did not expect to be included into this annoying as fuck (not even harmful) labyrinth nor did he expect fiery chaos spirit Lindsay to find her way in and cause even more headaches

-The Dusk Musketeers AU- Young men Gavin, Trevor, and Alfredo wanting to make a difference in their small and heavily corrupt kingdom, so at night with improvised weaponry and unlearnt & uncontrolled magic, the three fight back against the system, making allies along the way and putting targets on their backs by the nobles

why are we allowed to have feelings for people that aren’t returned. its just not fair. it sets us up for disaster. it adds so much pain and suffering and yuckiness. we should only be allowed to love someone who loves us back. we should only be allowed to feel for people who feel for us. but thats not how it is. we are somehow able to be hopelessly in love with someone who couldn’t give a shit about us. and thats just how life goes. thats just what love is. its pain, its suffering, its hurt, its being let down, and every so often when you get lucky, its pure bliss.

roses are red,
violets are blue,
you can tell by my eyes,
that I am in love with you,
you make me weak,
also hard too speak,
but yet I can’t complain,
because you’re locked in my brain,
self indulged in your thoughts,
never minded the fact that I had you caught.
I love you.

April 13, 2015 9:59 PM

I was thinking about our differences in which lead to where our hearts lay now, I have become enlightened by the thought that there are two people looking for the same, most desired thing in life as such we call love.  Then again, there are two souls who will be lead into two separate directions, where as one soul seeks someone to love and another seeks to be awoken by love and its beauty. There is a deeper courage to where I have let myself feel and touch pain, to a certain relationship with vulnerability, to let myself feel pain once again under loves trust.

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“Now, Rydel, sweetie, I know your famous quote is, ‘Fall in love when you’re ready, not when you’re lonely,’ and all, but,” Ellington glanced up at her and went down on one knee, swallowing thickly. Rydel gasped quietly, her eyes widening in shock and realization as a grin snuck across her lips. “Well, let’s just say that I hope you’re not lonely with me,” he murmured quietly as he opened the dark velvet box.


It’s better to burn in your fires then to be left out in the cold. How I wish you could hear me. I find it so difficult to even articulate myself at all to you. Behind these lips of mine are the words of romance, the lexis of a true lover once scorned. Every time I open my mouth my words drip wet with a boring twang. Yet when my pen touches paper, it’s an epic spout of my love, passion, what I have come to consider my obsession. My obsession with you. 

You are the reason the morning air feels the way it does on my skin.
You are the reason the folds of my flesh hold scared circles of lust. 
You are the reason my teeth leak out from my mouth. 
You are the reason the birds sing to me and the night stars shine bright.
You are the only broken piece of perfect I’ve ever known, ever wanted or ever had. 

Love would be an understatement but also a misplaced emotion. I don’t how it is. I think of all the words I can to give this feeling a description, ‘I love you’ is not what it is, so I try to replace the word: adore, admire, worship…

It’s not something denoted by a single word. For I have never felt love before, I can only describe how it feels to have you. 

You’re like the rain on my window, the one true storm I’ve found the eye of. You are the first crunch of an autumn leaf, the feel of a warm bed and cold blanket. You are the fear of a lonely walk home in the dark. You are what makes the first sip of a hot cup of tea taste so heavenly. 
You are divine, you are exquisite, you are mine.

My heart has tunnels and I am constantly searching,  
Searching for what? There are no exits that I seek
And there is no light that I can find.
How do I get to know myself better,
When I am constantly searching, constantly questioning?

How Ironic is it, that I am so full with emptiness,  
with questions unanswered and questions never asked.
I am so guilty of driving myself to the edge,
Cold and barefooted, I stand there wide eyed,
Lunging myself so far into all of my greatest fears,
That I only come spiraling back to find myself running away from all that I fear.

How do I sit still, without worry, without biting my fingernails?
I only make myself more nervous than I naturally should be.
I am so back and forth that I only want to be set back further,
And when I am so far behind, I am so ashamed that  
I go headfirst, wearing my heart as a shield in hopes that  
my heart will only bring me to where I need to be.
What if where I needed to be is only here,
Fear and vulnerability often influence my thoughts,
My decisions, and my actions in a evenly cluttered mess.
One day, I will be able to be honest with myself and to know
When I should greet life with open arms and when to be cautious and careful.
I seek a world of opportunities, how do I achieve that when I only have so little to offer?

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