temporaryissues asked:

Hi, okay, so I wanted to ask you about what you thought about Rory and Jess as opposed to Rory and Logan. My sister's and I debate about this often, because they always liked Logan whereas I felt as if Jess, though definitely immature throughout the series, knew her best, had the most character development, and by the end of the series, had not only gotten his life together, but hers as well. Also he wrote a book for/because of her.

Ah, Jess Mariano.  I actually don’t ship Rory with Jess, but I would take him over Logan.  I’m not a fan of Logan.  To be honest, I find a lot of faults in all of Rory’s boyfriends, and I’m glad they ended the series with her single.  None of them seemed just right for her. I think Dean could have been if he would have never gotten married, and I think Jess could have been after he matured.

I have to be honest about Jess.  Before I begin, though, please don’t send me any hate or unfollow me simply because of my opinions.  I didn’t like Jess until recently.  I hate him with Rory in season three.  He was immature, full of hate and rage, and treated Rory without any respect.  Rory deserved better than that.  But later on when he showed up with his book and gave her a hard talk on life, I cheered like you wouldn’t believe.  I think he was the perfect person to give her that talk because it showed her who she really was.  Jess was around when she was in love with learning, and he reminded her of that.  But I don’t think he got her life together for her.  Just like her mom, he simply pushed her in the right direction.  He didn’t do the work.

Logan, on the other hand, showed Rory that she can loosen up and have a good time.  But I think he encouraged/influence her in some of the wrong ways, like partying so much and the obvious criminal act.  He also should have never proposed to her so soon.  He should have known her enough to realize that she would have wanted to wade in the real world before settling down with him.  

Back to Jess.  I agree that Jess knew Rory in a way Logan never did.  But Logan also knew Rory in a way Jess never did.  Heck, the same goes for Dean.  They all got a slice of Rory, but I don’t think any of them got her completely whole.  That’s why I partially think none of them were right for her.

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myownlittleinfinity asked:

Hey. I've donated for the stories and I'd be happy to send them on to you once I get them. There's always another Harry Potter Alliance or PFA thing going on and you can thus just make up for it some other time. DFTBA. ^_^

…oh my gosh. thank you. I can’t even words right now.

I didn’t think anyone was even going to read my stupid little whine. I was just being mopey.

emmy. you are the spirit of the goodness that is p4a. I can’t even explain how amazing this is. not on a personal, “oh my god I can read these stories” sort of level, but on a “you are an example of the selflessness and kindness that humanity should strive for” kind of level.

hey tumblr, do you know why nerdfighteria is the best community in the whole universe? because of people like emmy.

thank you. very, very much. for being an example of the good of the nerdfighter community, for being selfless, and of course for offering to send me the stories.

dftba. :)