Beyond happy :)

Had an amazing photo critique on my Portrait Project. My professor is hanging,  for sure, at least one of my photos! And the photo he’s hanging I printed on 13x19 paper for the first time ever. Which turned out awesome! Not to mention turning in 12 prints when everyone else only turned in like 6.. :p

My health is getting better, as are my relationships with people.  I’m working on getting back into therapy and getting retested for my meds and such. I plan on getting my eyes checked very soon for my glasses and hopefully getting my new tattoo soon as well!!!!!!!!. And my schooling couldn’t be going better!

I can truthfully say my life has not been this good in awhile :)

Gonna keep wearing this big smile on my face everyday :)

Now all there is to do is curl up in my nice warm bed with my cuddly bunny and love where I am ♡