Collaboration with the photographer #RenéBurri, the author of the well known Che Guevara portrait that spread all over the World since the 60’s. The whole show has everything from t-shirts to lighters, from caps to pants with the photo that Rene took. The image was used all over the world and subverted by the system we live in today. In the way the image is engraved in the collective memory of everyone. I engraved it in the wall for this show at #festivalImages in #vevey. If you can make to this festival is a great one with #jr #CindySherman #LiuBolin #AlainDelorme #MyoungHoLee #reneburri and others
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Beijing, China: 798 Arts District
Over spring break I traveled across the globe to China and had the opportunity to see a lot of amazing art. Some of the most striking pieces I saw were in the 798 Arts District, located on the outskirts of Beijing. The arts community was established in 1995 when Beijing’s Central Academy of the Fine Arts was looking for a new, cheap workspace. They found room in the defunct Danghazi military factory complex and soon other avant-guarde artists and gallery owners followed suit and began to occupy the industrial spaces. Today, it is easy to get lost in the narrow alleyways of galleries and artistic cafes that dominate the renovated industrial spaces. I was taken with how the artists seemed relatively unwatched and uncensored by the heavy-handed Chinese government. I was shocked when came upon a beheaded statue of beloved Mao on a street corner. I was particularly taken with one contemporary photo gallery called 798 Photo Gallery. Their current exhibition is featuring the work of Chinese photographer Myoung Ho Lee and her series of trees in nature taken with white backdrops set up by the artist. The photographs were beautiful as well as her artist’s statement, “Not one blade of grass is meaningless or trivial. The aura Lee gives to the tree reminds us of the value of verything that surrounds us.” Providing us with good reminder to appreciate the little things as spring approaches. 

External image

Myoung Ho Lee, Tree #14, 2009 

From the series Tree 
Archival Inkjet Print 
50″ × 40″

Kelsey Kiser ‘14