the signs as 1bitheart characters
  • Aries: Hiyu Mekami, Shitara Yakumo, Rocca Rion, Ryuuri Kujoh
  • Taurus: Yasune Nemochi, Jin Chigaya, Miumi Miclairno Mizuki
  • Gemini: Kuroku & Shiroro Yakumo, Meu Kanou
  • Cancer: Chino Nasuki, Misane Mikoto, Shiren Kurusu, Sakuma Suoh, Kirara Akanagi
  • Leo: Kaori Asahina, Enri Kumashiro, Hitohito Kogure
  • Virgo: Natsukage Suoh, Yukinaga Asagi, Moroku Hasuya, Mikado Aisaka, Kotora Yatano, Kiri Taruga, Akashi Oihara, Azusa Kujoh, Mary Seno
  • Libra: Akitaka Kujoh, Seikyu Hiiragi, Momori Ono, Sagara Sakuse
  • Scorpio: Nomiya Yosaka, Tobari Hikagari, Misato Kusunose, Yuuto Oui
  • Sagittarius: Haruya Nasuki, Sora Kamui, Meru Myoujou
  • Capricorn: Kirai Nasuga, Izuchi Nasuga, Hakuhi Iogi, Potete
  • Aquarius: Asuto Aizen, Nio Amaha, Akuta Kamome
  • Pisces: Yoshi Nanase, Aira Tachibana, Takamiya Kyouri, Saaya Yukisuzu

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Hello, first of all, I love your OCs! Myoujou is my favorite, Overwatch's very own magical girl! Could I request an imagine (or even headcanons if you don't have time), of Junkrat and Roadhog, where their crush is very wary around them, like has their guard up all the time around them because they're criminals and a little scary. How, if at all, would they deal with that?

Thank you! Yes, I really want there to be a magical girl hero in OW! And not just relegated to being support either, I just wanna get out there and sparkle all over my enemies! Hopefully I can come up with stuff for Myoujou and the others soon!


He gets pretty frustrated seeing his crush get nervous or even frightened. He is trying to put on his best good guy act. So he does the most harmless thing he can think of; cook up a whole bunch of bbq and set up a feast, with some beverage to drink. He explains that he went through that effort for them, and goes on about how it tears him up to see his crush scared of him. After an awkward silence though, he runs off and leave them to the meal. Meanwhile he’ll sulk, thinking that maybe he messed up. He does want them to like him, but…


He seems to be understanding that they’d be scared of him. So he keeps his distance, instead leaving around small gifts here and there. A plush pachimari. A small bag of candy. Some colorful daisies. Each gift would have a small paper with a drawing of a cute pig’s face. Maybe in time they’ll get the idea that he doesn’t mean to hurt them… maybe. He’ll wait and see. It’s all too easy for him to hide his anxiousness though.


Fully translated KoukoSuzu drama script, “Smoke Filled Spa Story”.

Translated from Chinese translated script by Redtoken-san! Read it below!

Suzu : Kouko-chan, do you want to accompany me to the bathhouse?

kouko : Now? It’s kinda late already, I’ll just use the shower

Suzu : This time of the day is the best, Kouko-san have been working hard lately, why don’t you take a nice bath, you can sleep better

Kouko : Hmm…since you made your point, then I won’t mind.

Suzu : Well it’s a deal then

  Hehehehe now my (wild) wish has been achieved


Suzu : As expected, there is no one here in the bathhouse at this hour. It’s only the two of us Kouko-san

Kouko : Ahh… right.

Suzu : What’s the matter? There is no one around, you could do whatever you want in the bathhouse, it won’t be a problem at all

Kouko :Who says I’m going to swim in it! Besides, only two of us in this huge bathhouse is sort of…

Suzu : Hehe  feeling shy?

Kouko : I’m not!

Suzu : Well, why don’t you have some fun?

 Today Myoujou Academy’s bathhouse will turn into my favourite spa—Kusatsu spa! (Translator Note: or is it called Kusatsu Onsen? Anyway, it’s one of the best hot spring resort in Japan)

Kouko : Uwahh—What are you doing?!

Suzu : I’ve put in some bath salts , isn’t it amazing, I’ve put 30 packets

Kouko : What are you thinking

Suzu :I’ve always wanted to try this once  Ohhh—the smell of sulphur

Kouko : You… fooling around in front of the class rep, are you prepared for consequences?

Suzu : Ahh Kouko-chan, there is a bug behind you—

Kouko : Uwaahh—-!! ….Shutou…

Suzu : Ohh I thought it was a bug, my mistake.

Suzu :Ohh Kouko-chan, you suddenly jumped into the bath, do you like Kusatsu spa that much? Mmm ~~

Kouko :Shutou…I won’t forgive you, not only you use the bath for yourself, you even got me…

Suzu : I’ve gotten the permission~ the permission from our class rep

Kouko: What

Suzu : Look at you,  jumping in without hesitation and enjoying already

Kouko : Don’t tell me…you invited me to the bath   for this reason?

Suzu : Heh… Since you’re already here, we are in trouble together

Kouko : Stop fooling around! To think this kind of plan will wor—

Suzu : Suzu… diving in—-

Kouko : Uwwahh—-


Suzu : Mmmm…. the scent is milder than I thought, even with so much bath salts it’s still not enough

Kouko : Heh… too bad.

Suzu : No…this area has some scent of sulphur….mmm~~

Kouko : Seriously…You’re always such an optimist, sometimes I’ll even admire you

Suzu : Is that so? Kouko-chan you should follow your desire more

Kouko : … I…

Suzu : To quit being an assassin, is Kouko-chan’s wish, right?

Kouko : How did you know?!

Suzu : Few days ago during night time, I heard you’re talking to Nio in the shower, you were talking about the compensation right?

Kouko : I thought you were asleep

Suzu : Because it’s rare to hear you raising your voice

Kouko : ahh….

*flashback* If I succeed, I will not be an assassin anymore, this is my wish!

Suzu : Anyway, I will not get in your way…hmm…it’d be better to quit this type of job

Kouko : What are you plotting!

Suzu : No no no, I don’t, if you were to fail, I’d go for it next, that is all.

Kouko : Shutou…don’t tell me you came here just to tell me that..

Suzu : Nope, I just want to enjoy the bath… People my age only enjoy spa as something life pleasures

Kouko :Aren’t we the same age…

Suzu : Ohh…are we? I guess you’re right, haha

Kouko : Life pleasures eh….

Suzu : Kouko-chan?

Kouko : How is that possible to exist? We’re assassins…. we live by stepping on others

Suzu : But… You wanted to quit, right?

Kouko : Can something like that be written off that easily? Death is not the end of life, it’s the completion of life.

Suzu : Ahh… a famous saying, it’s from Luther, right?

Kouko : A certain someone said it, it’s just something that sounded pleasant. Even if that’s the case, I still don’t understand the meaning of these words… What is life? No matter where you go, it’ll lead to death in the end… Completion? It’s just lies… its just something self-satisfying…

Suzu : That’s right…. All of us…will meet death one day, you can even end it yourself if you want.

   But…can it be accepted? It’s another story.

Kouko : Accepted?

Suzu : Humans are living things that knows how to struggle. Being able to accept one’s own death, is something that sounded pleasuring

  But I…refuses to give up no matter what. I wanted to prove that my life isn’t meaningless, even if it is a small matter, the time given for me to complete whatever I want…

 Then… maybe I can end this life… who knows~

Kouko : Don’t understand….so…

Suzu : Right, because Kouko-chan is still young

Kouko : We are of the same age, aren’t we?

Suzu : Hahaha, that’s right. It’s about time to get up, you’ll faint in the bath ~

Kouko : Time…? Is there something I can complete as well? …I’m just a useless assassin…


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hey bara what's the personalities of your characters?

shifuu - lives in the moment, flirty and girly, a little bit ditzy and maybe likes attention too much, but kindhearted and a good friend. loves music and fashion

akaibara - lab rat weirdo who doesn’t really get people and all their bizarre emotions, all she wants to do is hang out with her bunny

jangmee - tough girl who grew up using swords (grandpa was a blacksmith,) so she’s better at fighting than talking. doesn’t feel like she can rely on anybody else

gisele - spoiled only child of a wealthy wizard family, a natural genius who doesn’t know how to interact with other people and comes off kind of snotty, but really she’s a sweet girl and would love friends more than anything. she loves cute stuff, desserts, and all animals (especially the strange ones)

myoujou - super lazy chill, doesn’t let anything get to her. wannabe street tough but kinda sucks at it, especially if she loses her glasses, velma-style. gisele’s frenemy

kamaria - myou’s older sister who worked smart and hard to bring the two out of poverty, loves indulging in things she couldn’t have before so her tastes are a little tacky. very motherly/protective, though in a tough love kinda way. best friends with shifuu

porcelain - mob leader, very confident, obsessed with creative pursuits (art, fashion, music) — kind of fabulously crazy and thinks creativity is humanity’s best asset

slate - porcelain’s right hand man+bodyguard (not that she really needs one…) quiet and 1000% loyal/devoted