I’m back, folks !

Like I said, I got an internship in a lab, I spent two months there doing cell cultures, fluorescence microscopy and a lot of reading. Despite my heart made of stone, I got the urge to cry twice, when I first used the confocal microscope, and when I left it. Actually no, I also almost cried out of frustration when the Leica TCS SP2 bugged out on us and would not work until the end of my internship. Fortunately, we had only a week without a microscope, until we switched to the Olympus FV-1000.

I can’t actually show you any of my work because it’s not published yet. Depending on when it’s actually submitted and when (if) it’s accepted, it might take a while before I can show my beauties. They were C2C12 (muscle) cells, like the ones above, and although they died on me quite a lot, they were a joy to hang around with. 

This was Frontal Cortex, anthropomorphising cells since forever.

See you !