I have this friend at school who’s bros with someone, who’ll we’ll call Person A. Like they joke around together a lot, and they usually sit together most of the time, do group projects together, copy homework together etc. One day, I asked my friend if he would want to be old or younger forever, and he chose young, and so I asked him why. He said so he could meet Person A earlier in life. He’s a pansexual and Person A is, well, I don’t know, but I once asked my friend if Person A was gay and he said he didn’t know, but if he was gay, that would be sad, because then he wouldn’t be able to make those gay jokes anymore without offending him.

This, is a true brotp.


OTPs (in no particular order): Tsukishima Kei & Yamaguchi Tadashi

““How many did you miss?” Go on, say it to me. I only managed to stop one single spike. We played five whole sets. I’m so un―”

“I can think of a lot of words, but uncool definitely isn’t one of them!”

Hermione finds a love letter from a secret admirer
  • -Hermione deep in thought reading the letter-
  • Ginny: oh! A love letter, who from?
  • Hermione: I haven't the slightest says secret admirer...I feel like I should be concerned
  • Lavender: I think its romantic
  • Ginny: we should find out who it is!!
  • Hermione: as "romantic" as this may be unless they have the nerve to come to me themselves I'm not interested.
  • Draco: Granger..
  • -Hermione looks up shocked at the sudden intrusion-
  • Draco: Um...-sweats nervously- thisisforyou
  • -throws a single long stem iridescent red rose at Hermione and runs-
  • Hermione: what just happened..
  • Ginny: I broke Draco Malfoy
  • Lavender: this is an interesting development
  • -Hermione smiles and blushes slightly looking at the rose-
  • Hermione: now this is really sweet, awkward and not super romantic, but sweet. I like nervous Draco, breath of fresh air from the arrogance.