Maharlika’s entry to @caitlin-snow-week’s Dr. Caitlin Snow Appreciation Week 2017 😉😉😉

Day #5 - Favorite Love Interest

I’m SNOWBARRY trash forever 😍😍😍 and nobody can ever convince me that these two, especially with how they really care about each other and those affectionate eyes glancing at each other, are just platonic. No way!! 🙅🙅🙅 I’m waiting for the show runners to explore their relationship. 😏😏😏 And whether or not they’re endgame, my heart’s eternally faithful to this ship!! 😜😜😜 Snowbarry FTW!! 🙌🙌🙌

Let us not forget that Barry Allen couldn’t help but notice (dare I say) “his” Caitlin missing in Star Labs (like he’s quicker to realize it now since flashpoint 😜😜) and had to ask where she is. If you watch closely at the very beginning he was itching to ask a question when HR interrupted and distracted him with his shenanigans. 😄😄😄

And then after hearing her message that she’ll be gone for a few days, he’s like “no Caitlin… time to go, then” reaction afterwards. And when she came back, he’s like “Oh, my Caitlin’s here… Where has she been all this time? I’ve been anxious without her…” and then he volunteered to fill her in with the stuffs she missed while she was gone like “I miss my Caitlin time & I got to have it now even though there’s a monster I need to destroy…” 😜😜😜

I see you, Barry Allen! 😂😂😂


Your hazel-green tint eyes watching every move I make
And that feeling of doubt, it’s erased
I’ll never feel alone again with you by my side
You’re the one and in you I confide more

I give my heart to you
I give my heart ‘cause nothing
Can compare in this world to you