Today, I walked into my Upper Extremity Splinting class and sat next to my friend, whose HW was waiting to be turned in. I gasped in panic and ran to my professor to ask if I can run to the library and print mine out. She said, “Hurry.” I ran the detour route (stupid construction everywhere) and as I was about to finally turn the corner to go inside the library……..

I realized that I had printed it, stapled it, and put it in my folder YESTERDAY, when I was at the library.

Comes to show I’m really not used to being productive….

So I ran back to class and walked through the front entrance (the only… entrance) in shame. The professor asked if I had printed my HW out. I didn’t know she was talking to me and fast-walked to my seat. People called my name out and pointed to the professor. “Oh, me??” Embarrassing (and not even the first time). And with nothing in my hands, I had no other option but to tell the truth and say it was in my bag the whole time. Everyone laughed. I turned hot and wanted to slap my imbecilic self. UGH

My roommate, sitting 2 seats away, texted me this picture:

#seriously #storyofmylife