Myopia, or nearsightedness, has exploded in the West over the past 40 years. In Asia, the condition has reached truly epidemic proportions – within the span of a single generation, it’s gone from affecting a small percentage of the population to, in certain demographics, affecting damn near all of the population. … Why all the sudden squintiness? Well, to trace myopia back to its earliest roots, it seems the condition sprung from our human need to escape the slavering iniquities awaiting us in that place that must now only be mentioned in a hushed whisper (“outdoors”). You see, much like Superman, your eyeballs derive their superpower from sunlight (“superpower” in this case meaning “ability to focus on anything beyond arm’s length”). Studies have shown that spending too much of your youth indoors under weak, artificial lighting is all but guaranteed to doom you to a lifetime of haggling with LensCrafters cashiers.

5 Sneaky Ways The Modern World Is Destroying Your Body

Keep in mind that you have never been able to see yourself as you truly are. You have cobbled together a blurry image from reflections and photographs; you have not seen the way your eyes sparkle when you laugh or the way your mouth goes soft when you say I love you. You have spent hours picking out stretchmarks and acne and stray hairs — you have not seen the big picture. You think you are a single, nondescript star, when someone is looking at you and thinking, galaxy.
—  Myopia, by ironedout | ramblings #14

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It's interesting that if Creed, Black Panther, Fantastic Four or Suicide Squad are not successful it will used as an excuse on why not to include diversity in movies while Johnny Depp have been in critical and or financial failures but is still given opportunities. That same myopia must explain why most of the women making strides and getting lead roles in Hollywood are white and why a straight cisgender white man is likelier to get cast to play a queer person than an actual queer person.


I should write even if I were the only patient reader, for my aim is merely self-expression. Without interest there can be no art. Man’s relations to man do not captivate my fancy. It is man’s relation to the cosmos—to the unknown—which alone arouses in me the spark of creative imagination. The humanocentric pose is impossible to me, for I cannot acquire the primitive myopia which magnifies the earth and ignores the background.
—  H.P. Lovecraft
Comedy, In a Sense

You’d think by the level of minion histrionics someone had asked Misha to sign a paper that called him an awful actor, his character a waste of space, and him and his face stupid.  Rather than, you know, been vaguely disapproving of the writing choices surrounding his character (that he’s not responsible for) and disliking a fanon ship (which he seems to cater to or ignore depending on the mood of the room he’s in on any given day).

Now, when I say that I wish people would leave the actors out of fandom things, I do mean all the actors and yes, I think this was unnecessary, disrespectful by situational implication if nothing else, and certainly done 100% to cause more fandom llamadrama.  However, I’m also not going to pretend I don’t see a  difference between bringing up fanon shipping to an actor that frequently jokes about himself, his character, the show, fandom, and admittedly enjoys trolling people - and one that nearly exclusively talks earnestly in terms of the actual show and keeps having to pointedly avoid or negate questions from people trying to get him to admit their fanon is or should be canon.

More to the point, isn’t it funny how whether or not Misha is joking or can take a joke apparently relies so heavily on whether or not it fits the agenda of a specific group of “fans”?

in conversation I keep calling sf “the city of the future” which I mean not in a purely tech way but in a way about myopia, ideas, capitalism, the strangeness of seeing something played out that genuinely thinks it’s for the masses but really isn’t to an embarrassing degree, the jagged physical awkwardness of abstract ideas interacting with the human body; trends that don’t wanna call themselves trends, everything saying “disrupt” as if any overarching status quo has been shifted even a centimeter; these beautifully believed-in ideas with such narrow context because that’s what grants them hope; I say the city of the future but what I mean is the city of the present that thinks it’s in the future but is hopelessly, embarrassingly, inevitably bogged down by the past

maturing misconceptions

The second night at tu’s was a bit more entertaining. He came by my room to ask for tobacco for a spliff as I was in the midst of rolling one myself. “Yeah, I’ll join you in a minute,” I wrapped the magic carpet (a cloth josh & I share) around my body and met him in his room. Turns out he already had both tobacco and ganja, and just wanted to show me videos of him driving his harley around india. thats cool…

he dresses like jimi hendrix // a thai hill tribe shaman, unless he’s around the house, where he only wears a batik around his waist and his long hair down to his ass. the videos were of him driving around different towns with his sitar on the back of his bike and only a couple bags. it was an interesting window into his world the past 30 years, biking around india with not many possessions, but I didn’t ask to see it, and along with a little photo album share of him shirtless around the world, it became clear what he was aiming at.

I can’t fux with old dudes anymore. I don’t buy the whole “maturity with age” thing because the old ones are the guys always tryna show u video clips of their art and shit to make them feel relevant.. also to fill the silence where they realize they may not know everything. Guys my age, though i never fucked with them before, are finally catching up, and they’re humble enough and still mesmerized by womanhood in a way that doesn’t try to exploit it… at least the ones i resonate with.

Sure tu’s a babe for 52.. gleaming example of why I gotta keep up my yoga practice if i wanna look like chaka khan at 60. but man, it’s such a turn off to see them try to prove their worth to u. honey i don’t give a fuck if you have a full head of gray hair and funny lookin nipples, a vibe is a vibe and it’s presence is not dependent on me being persuaded that you’re still on the ball.

also, to me the most attractive women are women past 40… been saying since was a kid, women hit their prime at 48. they just carry this realness, like they don’t give a fuck and no longer need to. they’ve lived their lives but don’t try to use their achievements to coerce young boys to fuck them. and at that age they’re no longer so socially expected to have a baby, so they settle into their present forms and it’s noticeable. you can tell when someone is at peace with themselves, not tryna get anywhere or rush anything to happen…
what i’m saying is-how could older dudes not find that sexy? i’m not surprised anymore, but i am amazed to see men continuously chase after younger girls, or the emotionally underdeveloped.. u know, plastic surgery/frantic/trend-chasing women clinging onto their relevance as hard as the men are. i’m not sure what they’re looking for in life… i don’t think they are either.

anyway, we smoked and hung out a bit. i noticed he looked like he had a little back back pain. bodywork, being something i’ve studied since i was 15, is something i pride myself in, and i really get a lotta fulfillment out of it. so i started massaging him… but of course, i gave him the benefit of the doubt when i assumed his yogic preaching ass wouldn’t mistake sensuality for sexuality, ‘cause he did.
he tried to “return the favor” lol, giving me this strange massage that seemed rhythmically informed by a fucking yanni cd. u know, all in all too poetic like he was performing a bollywood drama.. lots of rolling of the fingers that lead into the rest of his body, like his ether was gyrating. reminded me of these self-proclaimed tantra dudes u see running around, aka fuckboys. i just wasn’t feeling it.

maybe it was also because he didn’t give much respect to josh when he was there with me, and I can’t get down with a dude who doesn’t vibe with my partner.. that’s a fundamental part of having a stressless open relationship for me. if your lover doesn’t respect your partner, he’s not respecting you, and i don’t have time for that shit.

so i yawned and said it was bed time for me. he eventually got the message and we said goodnight. when i got up in left though i felt like i was wet… which was, odd. and slightly unsettling tbh.

i couldn’t tell if it was cum or blood so i slid my hands underneath the magic carpet to my yoni and when i pulled them out i saw red.

thank goddess.

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Wow, sir, you are really cool! I don't think you'd like my eyes, tho; I have high myopia. May I ask a few questiong about how eyes taste instead? For example, an eye that went through a refractive eye surgery? The one with an intraocular lens or hyposphagma? Also, have you ever tried to eat eyes on a skewer/stick (like shashlik/dango)?

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Which little seaside town north of Boston? I grew up near there… In (overly horsey) Hamilton.

Ahh Hamilton!! I know right where that is :) I’d hoped to get to Myopia for polo this summer, but alas it isn’t to be…

The Proposal was partly filmed in Rockport! Behold, the iconic red house on Bearskin Neck masquerading as Sitka, Alaska:

And here’s Sandra and Ryan walking down Bearskin Neck!

If you’re in the Rockport area, 10/10 recommend a visit - Bearskin Neck has some great little shops with saltwater taffy and fresh seafood and, of course - fudge!