Silly Comic #15! : Myopia…

I swear i’ll stop making fun of Tsukki bad eye sight…Someday 
BACK AGAIN WITH THE SILLY COMICS!, Don’t worry because Tsukki and Hinata are still canon on my comics, I just wanted to make fun of Tsukki. 
I love my son i swear
I also have a neww water mark!, did you like it? ashfjsafkas
Anyway, hope you like it! 
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LOTS O’ Tips on Writing: Blindness

Hey y’all, so I’m not really a reference blog exactly, but I figured I would share some of my experience in writing (and in life) with a character type that a lot of people seem unsure of how to represent. That would be characters with partial or complete blindness. I myself have one character who is completely blind, and I too am on the low-sighted spectrum, so I figured I’d clear up a few misconceptions about characters with blindness! This is a long post, so part of it is under a read-more, but I include subjects ranging from medical details to describing non-visual senses to handling romantic relationships.

1) Blindness is totally a spectrum. Someone who is legally blind at 20/200 vision doesn’t see “nothing but black”. In fact, people who are legally blind can sometimes see enough to use some adjusted devices or read large-print books! Legal blindness (or low vision) means that someone’s eyesight is very poor even with their highest corrective lenses. 20/200 means that something 20 feet away from them has the same definition as something 200 feet away from a well-sighted person. That’s why 20/20 vision often represents “perfect” vision, because objects at 20 feet look like they’re… well, 20 feet away. Sometimes, legal blindness can be caused by natural degeneration from severe myopia (nearsightedness) from age, extreme strain, or just genetics.

2) When thinking of what a visually impaired person experiences as far as sight, ask yourself if the description is necessary first, then listen to interviews or podcasts for a description if you do need it. Please don’t take the word of someone with no eye function at all and apply it to someone with severe myopia or cataracts, because blindness varies. People with one cause of blindness may have cloudy vision, extremely blurred vision, ‘missing’ spots in their sight, or lack of color, while someone without any eye function (or without any eyes at all) will wonder why you’d even ask! Often “a black void” or “nothing but white” isn’t exactly true. Someone who doesn’t see color or light won’t see a lack of light either! Black? White? What? You really don’t have to even describe what they “see” unless they are partially-sighted.

3) Characters with all forms of disability can still do some badass shit. They can defend themselves as well as another character, they can learn to navigate a new space, they can play games and run and be athletic. They can be artists, musicians, or even own their own business. They can do their own household chores. They can be great parents. They can use modern tools and devices with the right adjustments. Don’t be afraid to let them accept - or ask for - help, but please don’t make it seem as though they’ve become useless. Give them all kinds of talents! (for example, my visually impaired muse can channel spirits, tends to her own herb garden, and is a classically-trained soprano. Possibilities are endless, you guys!)

4) Cause of blindness should be known if you insist on describing your character’s full facial appearance and how their blindness affects them. But remember this: you don’t have to draw attention to the appearance of someone’s eyes constantly. Don’t let that be the only thing that defines them. Here are a few tips though: many people who are legally blind have very ordinary-looking eyes. The cloudy white/blue eyes you often see is usually from diseases like cataracts, while paled eyes without visible pupils may be from congenital (childhood) glaucoma. Other forms of glaucoma cause black spots in the iris. Cataracts and glaucoma can coexist in one person. Eyes can have an inflamed red sclera from bacterial infection-induced blindness such as meningitis. Some infectious diseases require removal of the eyes (we see this in cats and other animals all the time). There are tons more reasons. When researching the cause of your character’s blindness, pay attention to the level of impairment, because not all causes of blindness have the same outcome!

5) People whose eyes have nerve damage don’t always move perfectly together. As tempting as it is to give your visually impaired character the ability to eerily stare directly into someone else’s gaze all the time, often people who lack nerve control in the eyes have issues of mobility now and again or even constantly: eyes that move independently, one or both eyes that won’t move at all, one pupil stuck in full dilation (anisocoria), and they may not be aware that their eyes are moving in odd places. Please don’t use this as fuel for humor, as some folk go out of their way to cover their eyes constantly because of this. Speaking of cover, not all visually impaired people wear sunglasses like the cliche in movies. Many will wear them in public because their eyes are very sensitive to light rays or because the light gives them horrible headaches, while others choose to cover their eyes because they’re aware that their eyes lack mobility control or they’re shy about a drooping lid/etc. Not everyone who has problems with vision wears something over their eyes.

More information on memories, relationships, and making the best of five senses are in the read-more!

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V’s blindness

hello my name is void n i am lowkey (highkey) obsessed with eyeballs. i read a lot on the subject of injuries and diseases for shits n giggles in my part time n i just rlly ;lilke eyeballs ok. dont.,,,, judge me

 i wanna discus’ v’s eyes and why its so mcfreaking w ei r d to me. certain things doesnt add up

also spoiler alert if that isnt obvs but yea boi

Ok so all artists and fanfic author have some sort of different idea to how Rika blinded V, which is chill and I love them all. But in canon there are a few basic things that have been stated or implied very specifically about V’s eyesight and I wanna piece it together.

1) It’s supposedly curable with a surgery. 

2) It’s deteriorative (V was able to drive around relatively well initially, could still take pictures for a while but as time progressed his eyes gets worse until he’s completely blind in the Secret Ending)

2.5) Bonus factor that could just be bc of art style: his eyes clouds when he’s completely blind.

3) The injury that Rika inflicted must have been pretty small scale and with specific intentions to blind him if he doesn’t receive any other injuries/damage to his face or head.

With those three factors in mind, we can pretty much wipe out any burns/chemical burns. If Rika took a pot of acid and doused him in it, he’s gonna be disfigured as well as blind unless she straps him down and intentionally takes an eyedropper to apply it only to his eyes. We can also very easily remove any severe traumatic head injuries because a lot of the time, those head injuries are permanent and also affects other parts of his body. Anything to do with retinas should also be left out since that can’t be fixed with surgery, and so should blindness from loss of eyeballs bc ofc he still has his eyes they just dont work. Heck, Jumin pretty much told everyone what exactly was wrong with V’s eyes in Yoosung’s route (I think), but his answer doesn’t sit very well with me and I will tell you why in a sec.

4) Jumin said it was corneal scarring.

This satisfies 1, 2.5 and 3 easily. Keratoplasty is quite easy and accessible if Jumin is a freakin billionaire or some shit, and the surgery has relatively high success rates (but yknow with any transplant there can be things that go wrong). Corneal scarring can cause your eyes to go cloudy. It also can be relatively easily inflicted without any damage to other parts of V’s face (scratching, throwing sand at his eyes, etc,,) But of course there are three main factors up there and… 2 doesn’t quite fit.

Thing is. Corneal scarring isn’t deteriorative until it becomes something else.

Everyone who has acquired a scar will know exactly that that scar doesn’t spread and stays the same even if you acquired it as a child and grew up (unless the injury is not fully healed and keeps getting aggravated/reopened)— it’s the same thing with eyes, so V’s eyesight shouldn’t be deteriorating 1.5 years after he was injured just because of corneal scarring. The initial injury should have already healed if he is able to keep his eyes open with relative ease and they aren’t bloodshot and tearing. His vision would be limited but it shouldn’t be getting any worse if he doesn’t have any other conditions that could affect them. 

Now we look at another factor.

5) V refuses surgery. But does that mean he refuses all treatment?

Complications can arise if you leave an injury unmonitored. What many people doesn’t know is that even people who are blind still have to get check up regularly to make sure their eyes aren’t getting worse (yes they can get worse). Heck, sometimes they have to get checked up more often than sighted people because they cannot judge for themselves how their eyes are doing without their sight. So what can corneal scarring leads to if dear ol’ V refuses to even go to a doctor for a check up?

Infections, cataract, glaucoma to mention a common few. V passed the open wound stage already though since it has already scarred over, so infection is no longer an issue. The other two, though? Them springing up after 1.5 years of no monitoring and continuous treatment sounds about right. And yes, dear readers, those two are deteriorative. And I wanna bring up a final factor that’s mentioned.

6) V can still drive up until he’s completely blind.

No, not all eyeball conditions are the same, obviously. A lot of people like to think that your eyes just go blurry myopia style but that’s not the case a lot of the time. How his vision deteriorates can play a large role and of course, cataracts and glaucoma affect the field of vision in different ways. Cataracts is the clouding of the lenses in your eyes, and it blurs your vision. It’s like looking through a foggy window. Driving through fog is already dangerous a s f u ck, not to mention that sometimes cataracts also creates blind spots that can appear in the middle of your field of vision and if that doesn’t sound like a driving disaster then idk what is. 

Glaucoma, though? Well… there’s a reason why most people don’t realise they have glaucoma initially until it has progressed and claimed large parts of their vision.

Glaucoma reduces your field of vision. Periphery goes first, but the central part of your vision remains crystal clear a lot of the times if you have no other complications. We rely on our central vision the most, so your daily lives are not affected until one day you realise that you have to turn your head a lot more before noticing something that’s just to your left. Seriously. It’s so subtle that you don’t notice you are even losing your vision in the first place. A lot of people even drive and ride bikes when their glaucoma has already— oh wait.



Bonus fact;;

Blindness from glaucoma is permanent.

Is Jumin and V aware of that?

ps. its also highly likely that cheritz just havent done enough research, or they bent a few rules bc of plot but goddamn i want v to remain blind ok. either that, or magic is involved. and magic changes everything. so how abt a second theory, eh?

Why Yuuri Skates Half Blind

After seeing the post where Chris wears contacts on the ice while Yuuri just goes half blind, it really struck a chord in me like “Hey, I’ve done something stupid like that before.” and it really got me thinking.

Why doesn’t Yuuri wear contacts on the ice?

There could be a variety of reasons from health, his eyes not being suitable for contacts, etc. but assuming that Yuuri is perfectly capable of wearing contacts, why does he choose not to? There isn’t any proof of this at all but this is just my thoughts on a plausible reason why.

Stupid and dangerous as it is, perhaps he chose not to - because of his anxiety.

Why? Because he can’t see the audience clearly at all.

Yuuri doesn’t perform well under a huge amount of pressure. We see him breakdown when faced with the pressure to hold first place from the SP and to keep his and Viktor’s reputation from tarnishing if he screws up. He performs slightly better away from his home crowd. He thinks that nobody in the audience supports him and that the audience is there to watch him fail.

I’m a person with anxiety but I’ve also been a part of the performing arts for a good decade. When you’re on stage, the audience eyes are on you even when you’re in a big group. You feel the pressure of a hundred pairs of eyes staring at you and scrutinising your every move. You go into every performance with the reputation of yourself, your group, your conductor, and even your school on the line. This is what Yuuri must have felt at some point.

It’s really damn scary.

I’ve emceed for huge crowds of more than a thousand, I’ve sung with a choir in full auditoriums under the stress of competition. And I did at least half of these events half blind like Yuuri.

In fact, I chose to emcee or sing half blind due to anxiety. The days I did choose to wear my glasses were the days where my anxiety wasn’t bad or I didn’t feel under a lot of pressure. But other than that, I intentionally chose not to wear my glasses because not seeing the audience clearly really took a lot of the pressure off.

When you’re short-sighted and myopic, you won’t be able to see the audience and even the judges clearly when they’re quite a distance from you. You see these people as a blob of colour that look like humans but you can’t see them clearly at all. You don’t really think about them much but you’re aware that they are human and they are watching you. You’re able to focus a *little* better without the scrutinising eyes….. But not so advantageous for looking at your conductor or doing something as dangerous as dancing or ice skating (thankfully for me, I was placed in the front row of the choir so I could see the conductor easily).

Singing half blind is HARD. And I’m just standing still. I’ve no idea how Yuuri does figure skating half blind or how high his degree even is. Jesus. Bless this precious sinnamon roll before he hurts himself.

But wait! Yuuri was squinting and attempting to see!

It is actually normal for people with myopia to squint when they’re not wearing glasses. Squinting is a natural way to help your eyes focus a little better - but only to a certain extent and not really effective if you have a high degree. Sometimes you won’t even realise that you’re squinting at all. Yuuri’s sultry bedroom eyes in Eros were either planned as part of his femme fatale persona or…… Yuuri just trying to see on the ice.

I suppose this puts my rambling/theory to its end so…. #PrayForYuuri #BlessYuuri #GiveYuuriContacts2k17


Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg, changed some pictures to show how people who wear glasses sighted, with static and animated images, created a series of incredible images.

It is possible to see how people who have a problem of view see the world without your lenses that are actually useful. Who has myopia or astigmatism will have a easy identify.

By: Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg

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Shaw thinks Root is cute af in glasses

Myopia isn’t one of the curses heredity has saddled you with. A good thing, since glasses don’t really work with the lifestyle. It’s hard enough being on call day and night without having to compensate for fuzzy vision with something breakable on your nose–or worse yet, contacts.

But something funny happens whenever you swoop in on Shaw when one of your cover identities happens to wear glasses. She gives you this odd little look, almost knowing, like you’ve told her a secret and she’s brimming with it.

“Why are you staring?” you ask her once, when you’re slinging off your bag and kicking off your shoes at her place.

“I’m not staring,” she says–staring–with that little sphinx smile, from the bed where she’s sitting cleaning her gun. One foot swings from the end, aimlessly, like a cat’s tail.

“Are too.” You pounce into bed next to her, mussing her blankets as you land, and she doesn’t even protest.

“It’s nothing,” she says. A pause. Then she touches the bridge of the glasses you forgot you were wearing. “You just look so silly in these.”

“I’ll take them off, if you don’t like them.” You reach for an earpiece, but she grabs your hand away and pins it to the bed.

“Don’t,” she whispers, and kisses you–softly, then not-so-softly.

A few minutes later, breathless and tousled, you pull away.

“Got a thing for sexy librarians?” you murmur in her ear.

“Shut up,” she says, which means yes–or close enough. She rolls you onto your back and you don’t ask any more questions.

Later that night, cleaning the sweat off the non-prescription lenses with the corner of a sheet, you make a mental note to ask Her to give you more nearsighted identities from now on.

Just had a Realization that I think that Finrod and Maglor have a lot in common in terms of myopia.

Like, they both use themselves as a vantage point for evaluating pretty much any situation, even if it’s inappropriate to do so. Maglor sees himself as the Great Poet, transposing all the bloody narratives of the First Age into heroic song, so he comes at everything from a remove - he doesn’t quite realize that he also has a role in this narrative, and by extension is kind of numb to his ability to do harm.

Finrod, on the other hand, is kind of the reverse - rather than seeing everything at a remove, he kind of inserts himself into every conflict and has trouble understanding that not every issue is directly related to him, and isn’t super good at wiggling into perspectives that aren’t his own. He strikes me as the kind of person who really does want to help with other people’s problems, but ends up making it about him in the process. Which is why he fucks up with Andreth and why both he and Maglor often come across as super condescending to people who hold formal conversation with them.

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I have to say, I understand that myopia is a large part of faith, but it is astounding to me that you all claim your imaginary friend is the only "real" one. You'll decry other religions as false, or say that Greek, and Roman--or even modern Japanese and Indian religions--are just stories, myths, fairy tales. Your religion even has the classic 'virgin impregnated by a deity' shtick, but yours definitely happened, none of those other did. How pompous can you be? Recognize the hypocrisy or shush.

Faith (noun); complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

Now, I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to put my complete trust in something, let alone stake my life on it, you had better believe I want to be certain, beyond any reasonable doubt, that what I’m putting my trust in is trustworthy.

Consequently, you bring up an excellent question. How do we know Jesus is the One True God? Let me counter with this. Out of any of the hundred upon thousands of other religions and gods, which…

  • Have a book written by over 40 different inspired authors, from all walks of life, from kings to shepherds, and yet it all fits together perfectly?
  • Have a book written over a span of over 1500 years and yet it all fits together perfectly?
  • Have a book that was written in multiple languages, in different countries, on different continents, in different cultures and yet fits together perfectly
  • Boast the most historically accurate and authenticated ancient text of all time, by an insane margin?
  • Turns enemies into friends, as was the the case of Paul and the early Church he set out to kill; or in recent times, Corrie Ten Boom and the Nazis
  • All of the other religions are work-based, Christianity stands alone in saying that humanity is incapable of good apart from God and there is absolutely nothing we can do to redeem ourselves.

If you can name just one other god who has done all that the God of the Bible has, I promise I will take it all back because you will have obliterated the foundation of my faith. Yet, the Bible stands firm, far exceeding its every challenger, because no one else can do what God has.

“My soul shall make its boast in the Lord;
The humble shall hear of it and be glad.
Oh, magnify the Lord with me,
And let us exalt His name together.”
– Psalm 34:2-3


I restored the Photo:)

                         ❤ Young Heinrich Himmler 

Photo by: kipomavr

Maybe all my restored photos are very illuminated, but is because my computer is dark because I pass all day in front of it and my eyes going to burn if i don’t make this darker. So, sorry if the picture look bad.

11 cool things you can do when sending requests to RPH blogs
  1. Read people’s WIDs. Seriously, people, it’s 2017. How have so many of us still not figured this out? On most RPH blogs, the WID is one of the most prominent links on the home page. Click it.
  2. Google it first. A good number of the questions I get are ones that I’m able to answer simply by throwing the question into my Google search bar. There are some nifty cheats here on how to get the results you want. It’ll be a time-saver for both you and the helper.
  3. Make sure you’re not asking a repeat question. Some blogs get a heck of a lot of asks, and sometimes they see the same ones popping up again and again. Check the blog’s tags, or use the /search/ function, to see if this helper has already answered the question or filled the request you want to send.
  4. Be specific. You want a guide on how to play a doctor? That’s nice, but there are tons of different types of doctors out there. You want an older version of a faceclaim? Well, I don’t know if you want someone five years older, or seventy years. Tell us in your ask.
  5. Don’t send duplicate requests for large tasks. You want a shoutout, an FC suggestion, someone to give you their opinion on your RP? Go nuts, crowdsource it around the block and back again, ask every helper on the site. But if you want a gif hunt, a guide, or a theme makeover? Send it to one person and one person only.
  6. Be polite. Look, I’m not one of those people who think that you have to say please and thank you or it is automatically rude. But at least use a tone that you’d use when talking to a human, not a machine. “Could you make a gif hunt of so-and-so when you find the time?” is fine; “Gif hunt of so-and-so.” is a slap in the face.
  7. Don’t use pet names. This varies from person to person, and some are fine with some pet names but not others. Personally, I’m fine being called ‘cupcake’ and ‘champ’, but every time someone calls me ‘honey’, ‘sweetie’, or, God forbid, ‘babe’, I wanna puke. Play it safe and just avoid the pet names.
  8. Be careful about your fan myopia. Not everyone watches the same TV shows, plays the same video games, and reads the same books as you. If you want a request for a particular fictional character, tell them which work the character is from, and accept the fact that some requests (like label help or bio writing) simply can’t be filled well by people who aren’t familiar with the work.
  9. Don’t use subjective descriptors. You want a faceclaim who’s “hot” or “cute”? Would you like a theme that’s “cool”? Maybe a character PSD that’s “fun”? Yeah, I’m not gonna be able to be much help. Those things are all 100% a matter of opinion, and the helper probably has different tastes than you. Give me something else to work with.
  10. Like or reblog the filled request. Come on, it is the absolute least you can do to show you appreciate the work. And, if you sent the request on anon and are too shy to like or reblog, lest they see the username and make the connection? Maybe pop back on anon and shoot them a thank you.
  11. Be patient. Helpers are people too. And people have things that occupy time in their lives - jobs, school, family, relationships, friends, health issues, other hobbies, pets to care for, books to read, shows to watch, meals to cook, events to attend, naps to take. Asking for a request to be filled quickly or demanding to know why something is taking so long is going to do nothing but get on a helper’s nerves.