One Piece 17th Anniversary: 2 - Villains/Antagonists 

Path of a Pirate King is hard. There are many who will stand in your way; many enemies that you will have to surpass; many hardships you will have to go through. But stay strong and follow your path! Believe in yourself and in the people around you and you will overcome any enemy that comes your way.

op 17th anniversary - dreams

TAKE ME OUT TO SEA (a mix for pirates who overcame their pasts to chase their dreams)

01. the crooked kind - radical face // 02. kito kito - takagi masakatsu // 03. don’t let me fall - lenka // 04. make a new dance up - hey ocean! // 05. uncharted - sara bareilles // 06. kingdom dance - alan menken // 07. arrietty’s song (instr.) - nightcore // 08. home - gabrielle aplin // 09. shine your way - owl city & yuna



One Piece 17th Anniversary: 6 - Relationships

So many interactions happen in One Piece, from deep friendships to venomous rivalry, from friends to enemies. And the most popular are those between the Straw Hats - their relationships are precious <3 But the one that’s most important to me is the sweet rivalry between the certain love cook and one hopeless lost marimo-head. I love these two! Yes, they are my OTP but I mainly ship them specifically because of their crazy relationship. From opening, movies, specials to regular anime episodes and fillers, Zoro and Sanji just can’t stop fighting. And I choose the anime version because I can see and hear them bickering and it just makes my day every time they interact. So I can’t really figure it out how can someone say “They hate each other!” I can talk all day long about them and how they deeply respect each other, despite all the conflicts they have. I ship them mainly because of their brother-like silly conflicts. It’s the mind of a fangirl/shipper that chooses to ship them deeply or not. ;)


One Piece 17th Anniversary - 1: Laughter

I was pulled into One Piece exactly because of its comedy and that, along with many other things, kept me glued to this day. It’s because, One Piece wouldn’t be the same without its original humor that only Oda knows how to make (Thank you!). It’s always nice to see it and it’s a refreshing thing from all the action that’s going on. Especially when you know that the characters have been through so much. So it would be nice if they could hear this message: You guys struggle through many things so please never stop smiling!


One Piece 17th Anniversary: 7 - Dreams

It may seem big, it may seem hard but it’s definitely possible. You might have to be brave, put all of your fears away and conquer them; you maybe have it ever since you were a child and love it with passion. You might also need some help and people who inspire you and award you for your hard work. You will need to search for things that will lead you to it. And you will surely need to work hard for it and wait, but you must never lose hope in your dreams, no matter what. Just never lose the will and pure sight of it! Because if you see it in your head, you will hold it in your hands. Your dream will come true!

op 17th anniversary - day one: laugher

just days before this dinner, vivi was watching the country that she loves with all her heart being destroyed from the inside. she watched so many people die and lost many that she cared about. the past two years have been nothing but pain and turmoil for her as she trudged on, fueled almost solely by her endless love for others and dreams of peace. 

but she can still laugh. she’s experienced so much sorrow that it could break a person, but she refuses to break. everyone who looked at her was amazed that she could still smile after everything that she’s seen. 

this scene stuck with me, even though it’s something so small, because it really drives home the point that there’s always tomorrow. you may face incredible sorrows one day that threaten to destroy you, but it won’t last forever. there will be a time in the future where you will be able to smile and laugh again. no matter what comes your way or however hopeless the present and the future seem, just remember that you will be able to laugh one day from the bottom of your heart once more. you are never alone. you have friends who support you and who long to see you smile again.