Then and now.

I sold this car in 2008 and always missed it.
Many other things have tried to replace it but nothing ever came close.
Then three weeks ago I saw it again, on Facebook whilst looking at photos of rusty cars. The headline read “old American LTD my fathers got hanging around”
It took much work, tears and a 600 mile round trip but my beautiful baby is back outside my home, and I can tell you I’m personally happier in my heart than I’ve been for a very long time.

It’s rusty and old, but it’s mine and I love it and I will never ever part with it again.


I came across this while out wandering a byway in the middle of nowhere. I could smell the wood burner lit and half a mile further down the track a scruffy young chap came cycling along toward me with a backpack on. As the truck was the only thing for miles I guessed this was the owner returning. “Good day” I cheerfully boomed as he got close. Not a word was uttered back and instead I was looked at with suspicion and contempt!
It’s a shame in modern society even the hippies have attitudes and are ill mannered. When I was a hippie it was all love and fun and we certainly responded to “squares” who bid us good day.