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anonymous asked:

Please can you load here photo with Ryan where he has a camera nad as i remember thus photo isn't colorful but in sepia (?) :)

i couldn’t find the exact one you’re talking about (although i feel like i’ve seen a pic like you’re describing before, i just don’t know what it actually looks like lol) so here’s a few of ryan w different cameras/taking pics that i could find!

(feat. bonus hollis bc 1. i am too lazy to remake that gif so it shows just ryan and his camera, 2. who doesn’t love hollis)


I can’t believe that the day is finally here where we share with you our very first example of the ‘Ryguys’ T-shirt. Now first of all we need to give a shout out to two special people.

  • Jennifer Nageli for putting so much effort and time into creating this fucking awesome piece of art. We wanted something special for our followers and she has outdone our expectations. Thank you so much Jennifer, I don’t know how many times I’ve thanked you already, it just never seems enough.
  • perksofbeingamatchmaker for coming up with the whole name :) Good job, girl!

So, these T-shirts are not up for sale. In fact, they never will be. I try my best to order a minimum of 2-3 T-shirts each month and give them away for free. We’re also going to send one to the man himself, as well as one for Jackie :) Yeah, that’s about it. I just really wanted to share this with you all.

anonymous asked:

Um thrift shop blew up bc they hired a major record distributed to distribute their music, so no they aren't truly independent and they did not deserve that grammy but whitey always wins I guess

I don’t know how to address this tbh but I remember that Ben & Ryan were talking about having access to a great radio department at a major label that they essentially pay for out of their own pocket. I don’t know much about how the music industry works these days but I would say they are pretty much independent and own their own business, masters, publishing and merch company. So, I have to disagree with you, they deserve that Grammy and I’ll just ignore the very last part of your message.

anonymous asked:

I agree that 'Same Love' is honorable and that he had somewhat good intentions, but at the same time it was condescending and patronizing. Why? Because it talks about Black/Hip-Hop culture as being fundamentally wrong. Although it might be from my own POV, it is up for that specific culture to decide/develop on it's own when it wants to change. He has to understand the traditional place where masculinity takes in that culture and change that entirely Bigotry is only a byproduct.

i disagree that it talks about hip hop culture as being fundamentally wrong, mostly because hip hop is only mentioned twice throughout the entirety of same love; “If I was gay, I would think hip-hop hates me” and “A word rooted in hate, yet our genre still ignores it”. my interpretation has always been that rather than condemning hip hop as fundamentally wrong, he’s against the homophobia that’s prevalent in it. same love is written from ben’s perspective as a straight white rapper coming from a christian background. hip hop is mentioned because that’s the culture that he is involved in and identifies with, but the majority of the song deals with religion and this sort of institutionalised homophobia, “And God loves all his children, is somehow forgotten / But we paraphrase a book written thirty-five-hundred years ago.”

that being said, i do agree with you that, as you said, it’s up to a specific culture to change on its own. and it’s very problematic to have a person on the outside, who hasn’t had the same experiences and thus can’t understand them, to be talking about it. and it’s even more problematic that we live in a society where the straight white dude talking about homophobia in hip hop is recognised and lauded whereas anyone else who had tried to do the same almost certainly wouldn’t be.

and i guess to conclude, my interpretation of same love is definitely informed by my experiences as a white female. i’ve always seen it as empowering and inspiring, and have been able to focus on aspects like ben’s dealing with religion. but coming from a different context, i can definitely understand how you would see it as condescending and patronising.