Outlander | Preview - Episode 302 “Surrender” (HD)

(Someone needs to mind her own business… just say’in, Jenny.)


Outlander | Clips - Episode 302 “Surrender” SNEAK PEEK - Jamie Talks Sex…

(MYOB Jenny.  “Don’t, Janet.”)

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Dear customer who complained to my manager that I was being "mean" to my coworker when I asked him to please not stand so close to me because he had just come back from a smoke break and the smell was triggering my asthma: MYOB, and go fuck yourself.

RFA: Walks In To Zen’s Shower

[Warning: May contain spoilers, read at own risk]

I elaborated all the point-form scribbles from random scribbles that I typed in my notepad awhile back. Here’s RFA members + V + Saeran’s reaction with MC as Zen’s S/O. It’s my first attempt, hope you guys like it! - Mod Yoo.

The RFA is having a post-celebration for yet another successful fundraiser party from the night before. This time it’s Jumin’s turn to be the host. As expected of the corporate heir, he had already hired some of the country’s top culinary professionals as the occasion’s personal chefs, to collaborate with his private chef to serve up a special luncheon. Halfway through the luncheon, Saeyoung “accidentally” spilled not 1 but 2 cans of Dr. Pepper (he brought a carton over, very surprising) that he furiously shook in an attempt to prank Yoosung, who somehow manage to pull off a quick dodge since boy plays sports, and the drinks unloads ALL onto Zen’s back, he didn’t anticipate it cos he’s busy feeding MC. Saeyoung let out a quick yelp and took off running after Yoosung while Saeran ponders about having such a dorky twin. Groaning with frustration, Zen is left with no choice but a bath to get rid of the sticky, sugary mess he’s in. “Feel free to utilize one of my guest bathroom, it’s all yours.” Jumin said sniggering but continued: “I’ll have Driver Kim get a new set of clothes, it shall be ready by the time you’re done cleaning up.” Barely able to keep himself from yelling at Saeyoung and Jumin, Zen mutters quiet thanks and excuses himself from MC to go in for a shower. *Personally, I feel like Zen would be the type of guy that takes long bath, to ensure every inch of his perfect skin is taken care of; plus, he’d totally make full use of those luxurious products simply laid out in Jumin’s guest bathroom.*

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MYOB - Mind Your Own Business

When it comes to the sex lives of consenting adults, why don’t people say “X ,Y, or Z is not for me” instead of saying “Nobody should be free to do X, Y, or Z!”?

If it isn’t for you, don’t do it! But if other adults consent to it, let them! Don’t spend your life trying to stop them, trying to deny them their rights, or bullying them.

That is why I blog.