Sudell’s Frog (Neobatrachus sudelli)

Also sometimes known as the “Painted Burrowing Frog”, a name also given to another member the genus Neobatrachus as well. Sudell’s frog is a species of Australian ground frog (Myobatrachidae) which is found on and west of the Great Dividing Range of New South Wales to western Victoria and southern Queensland as well as far eastern South Australia. Sudell’s frogs typically inhabit ponds, dams, ditches, and other areas of still water in woodland shrubland and even disturbed areas. They are also accomplished burrowers, spending large periods of time underground to avoid droughts. 


Animalia-Chordata-Amphibia-Anura-Myobatrachidae-Neobatrachus-N. sudelli

Image: LiquidGhoul

Desert Spadefoot Toad (Notaden nichollsi) by Stephen Zozaya

“I have been waiting to see one of the 4 spadefoot toads (Notaden sp.) for ages now. I was thrilled when I stopped to check a frog on the road and it turned out to be a Notaden nichollsi. I was then fortunate enough to see about 300,000 more in the next 2 nights as I turned left and right to dodge them all while looking for geckos. I guessed I timed that right.”

Photographed near Windorah, Queensland, Australia.

#676 - Limnodynastes dorsalis - Pobblebonk

AKA Western Banjo Frog, which is descriptive, but not nearly as endearing as Pobblebonk. True, the name is applied to three different frogs, Limnodynastes dorsalisLimnodynastes dumerilii, found in Eastern Australia, and the Scarlet-sided Pobblebonk, Limnodynastes terraereginae, all with a call that sounds like a bango string being plucked.

Beeliar, Perth