mynippsarehard asked:

Hey I really like that pen sketch. Its really lovely. My issue was that the belly button was high and u added contrast around the figure but the outline was too dark I just wish it blended in a little bit more. Fucking lovely though. And that hair!<3

Your issues with it aren’t really my concern, hombre. Thank you, glad you liked it despite the issues you found. 

mynippsarehard said: i cant say my father will even be near my children


unrated-g said: I feel that way about my dad lately. He just kind of character fed once I went to college and now it’s really hard to talk to him because he’s so stand offish.

yeah :/ i ignored mine after he started his “hey i’m a dad” routine again, and he hasn’t tried very hard to talk to me since. same ol same ol

unrated-g said: There’s definitely a huge hump with 3D that you have to get over, but eventually it and traditional start to feel one in the same and then just work hand in hand. I did the same things figer my first year of animation courses

i hope it’s the same for me once i get in to some courses. 3d was really overwhelming as well, there was a lot to remember and it was hard for me, since i would get really frustrated with joints doing a full 360 during a motion or really choppy movements.

disneyyandmore said: yessss

disneyyandmore said: yes sexxxxx


whimack said: If this is re: a new Sims family pleASE liveblog every once in awhile!

yay ok i will do this