Damon Salvatore Season 4 Appreciation Week

Day 1: Best Damon Moment:

For me there wasn’t just one specific Damon moment that was the best. This whole season reflected his best. From the first episode to the last Damon’s best reflected that no matter the situation, his emotions, his anger, or his hurt - he would always be there for Elena. Not only for Elena but for the whole of Mystic Falls and the people they all care for.  I’m not saying that Damon was perfect from beginning to end. There are always some mistakes along the way, but the Damon we saw in Season 4 portrayed the evolution, the progress, the better man in Damon Salvatore. He never gave up in Elena Gilbert - even when he felt there was no hope for them, even when she insulted his love for her when she had no emotions, even when the chance of a human Elena could destroy the possibility of their future.  It was all for her - all to give her a chance to survive the way she wanted - the way she deserved.

Delena to Fandom: There's no apology in the world that encompasses all the reasons why we are wrong for you.
  • DE Fandom: Fine, then we are not sorry either.
  • DE Fandom: We're not sorry that we ship you.
  • DE Fandom: We're not sorry that shipping you has made us question EVERYTHING!
  • DE Fandom: That in your angst you're the one that made us feel most alive.
  • DE Fandom: You've been a frustrating ship. JP has made all the wrong choices and of all the choices we have made shipping you has probably been the worse one but we're not sorry that we love shipping you!
  • DE Fandom: We love you Delena. We love you.

Damon & Elena in Season 4 Appreciation Week

Day 4: Best Moment with Hands

There really isn’t much to say except watch this scene. Nothing feels wrong. It’s perfect. They way she grabs his hand to her heart and touches his face. She fights for what she knows deep down is the truth. That it’s real.



Why Elena’s Love is not Sire Bond Related: Most of their intimate and loving moments have been initiated by Elena. Elena looked for Damon to divulge her reasons for breaking up with Stefan. Her feelings towards him. Damon may have kissed her first but Elena initiated the sex. Ever since the they found out about the sire bond, Elena has initiated all physical contact between them.  And finally she told him that she loved him w/o any sort of direction from Damon. Yes there may be a sire bond but as we’ve already been told, it’s a product of human emotions. And it’s plain to see by her motivations and actions that she is truly in love with him.