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Hi Kaitlin! I'm going to be a freshman at Northeastern in the fall, and I've been reading your blog and found it very helpful, so thanks :) My concern is this: I'm trying to ship things to my room. I live in New Mexico and we're flying, and there are a few things I want to order online. How do you find the mailbox number in myneu? Housing told me the street address, they just weren't very specific about how to find the mailbox number. Thank you, and I hope you're enjoying London!


This is a quick answer: you don’t need the mailbox number. If you just have it sent to the correct street address and it has your name on it, ResMail will make sure it gets to the right box!!

However, make sure just to put your building’s address and don’t write “Northeastern University”. If you do, it will just take a lot longer to get to you because it will be (for some reason) sent to the Provost’s Office first.

Hope that helps!