Fantasy 1

I’m asked a lot what kind of fantasies I have… I’m going to share on here that way it’s out.
I have a huge love of multiple partners. Something about it turns me on so much. Being the sole focus of multiple men.
In my fantasy…
I come home and you tell me you have a surprise for me. I can tell by the look in your eyes that I’m going to absolutely LOVE it. You tell me to go get comfortable and lay on the bed. I go into our bedroom and put on something pretty for you. You come in with a satin sash and tell me to trust you. Of coarse I trust you. You are my other half. You tie the sash around my eyes and I see nothing. You lay me back on the bed and tell me to relax and enjoy. I’m not going to lie I’m a little nervous because I can’t see I mean who wouldn’t be?? But I trust you so I do as you ask. I think I hear other steps into the room but it’s so quiet on the carpet I can’t tell. The room stays silent but then I feel someone climb onto the bed. You gently touch my face to let me know you are close and kiss me on the lips. The kiss is sweet and tender and exploratory. I’m 100% into this kiss as I feel another person touch my ankle. Now I don’t know who I’m kissing. Is it you or are you touching my ankle?? The hand on my ankle starts to softly touch my skin. As that person is touching the 1st person is kissing my neck and touching my breast. That’s when I hear you on the other side of me whispering in my ear asking if it’s ok to continue? I nod my head yes. As soon as I get the go ahead I feel the hands getting more exploratory. They run higher up my legs with his mouth kissing everywhere his hands have touched. The 1st person goes back to kissing as you start to remove my bra as you do that my panties are also removed. I feel like I’m in sensory overload. I am beyond excited to experience this. I have no clue who is here, I don’t even know if I want to know. As soon as my undergarments are removed all 3 of you get up I can hear you all removing your clothes. When all of you get back on the bed I have no idea who is who anymore and it just amps my excitement. I feel hands and mouths and your hard dicks. I feel a hand on my face it’s turning my face to the side and wanting me to open my mouth to accept him inside my mouth. I feel a mouth at my breast and one on my very sensitive pussy. I am so ready for this! I feel like I can’t breathe!! I mouth latches onto my breast. I am in heaven!! I never want this to end. The person at my pussy works me with expert precision. I cum so quick! The person in my mouth backs up and I feel them lay next to me. I’m silently instructed to straddle his lap. I climb on and I am so ready he slides inside with ease. I feel another hand at my face nudging my mouth open. As soon as I think it can’t get any better I feel hands on my hips from behind positioning me to accept the 3rd and final man in the room. He rubs lube on my hole to lubricate me to accept him. Once he has inserted 2 fingers in my ass he positions himself to enter me. I’m so overwhelmed with sensation the second he bottoms out I cum and I cum hard!! Once everyone finds their rhythm it feels amazing. I have never felt anything this overwhelming before in my life!! Even as I am being used for everyone’s enjoyment I can sense the care that each man is taking with me. It becomes more intense and more fierce and more powerful I can tell everyone is ready to blow. That they need to get off!! I swear we are all so in sync once I start to cum again it triggers each and everyone of you. It feels amazing to have all of us cum at once!! I feel blissful as I float back to reality. I feel worn out. Once everyone has disengaged from my body I lay in our bed beyond satisfied and tired. You whisper in my ear keep the blindfold on I’ll take it off after I walk them out. I hear clothes being gathered and 2 separate kisses on my cheek. No one but you has said anything. I’m assuming it’s so I can’t try to place their voices. After a few minutes I feel the bed dip and you climb in behind me. You roll me to my back and untie the sash. You look at me with such love and tenderness it almost brings tears to my eyes. You kiss me tenderly and wordlessly ask if I’m ok. You know by the way my body responds to yours that I am more then ok with what we just did. As you are holding me close you slip inside and claim me. You let me know that I am yours and that is how it is always going to be…. it is perfect!
There is a go to fantasy of mine…. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoy it.