I’ve been asked to do a Six Selfie thing by bolt-carrier-mod . These are some of my favorite pictures of myself. I posted more than 6 because I started going through and found several cool pics I thought you’d all enjoy. 

1) The Dead Kennedy's 

2) The Lone Centurion Damn @greatgollywally and I know how to do Halloween

3) My first week of BCT. 

4) My last few week of AIT. Finished the Joint Special Operations 10K at Bragg in sub-54 minutes. 

5) At my cousin’s BCT graduation, a few weeks before I left for jump training at Ft. Benning. 

6) Killing Chicken Snakes outside the chicken coop.

7) Tight pants = Tight Groupings

8) Climbing in Mosaic Canyon in Death Valley National Park Cali.

I guess if someone needs to do this too, I’ll pick 



and @greatgollywally <3 :*

Edit: Corrected the captions because tumblr wouldn’t show them. 

mynamesjustanoose  asked:

Hey there, I'm not sure if anyone has pointed this out to you yet but I just wanted to let you know that Aboriginal people are native to modern-day Australia, where as natives of what is now Canada are the Inuit people. The more you know! :)

i did know that but the question is why was this sent to me since i don’t think i blogged about aboriginal people any time recently


for val because education is important.

mynamesjustanoose replied to your post: I was going to ask for these “Vegan Booty” shorts…

I don’t know much about them, what’s wrong with motive company?

External image
External image

They claim to represent vegan straight edge, but they make extremely rude and arrogant shirts sometimes. Though I like some of their clothes, I can’t support them when they still print shirts like the Amy Winehouse one they made.