If you’ve ridden a roller coaster or water slide at an amusement park in the last 20 years or so, you’ve probably had a photo taken during the ride that you laughed/cringed at afterwards and then had the option to purchase as a memento. What the parks have been doing to simply generate additional income has become a spectacularly silly hobby for some creative patrons. People go to impressive lengths, including smuggling in props and rehearsing beforehand, simply to stage amusing scenes they knew would be captured on camera. Mental_Floss recently assembled an amazing collection of some of the best of these wonderfully silly photos. Here are two of our favorites:

In the top photo we see Redditor DannyCabes and his brother using one of our Horse Head Masks to great effect on the Log Flume ride at Rainbow’s End theme park in Manukau Central, Auckland, New Zealand. (The only thing missing is a pair of Horse Hooves)

For the second photo Redditor mynameiszachary went to Disneyland with his sister and cousin where they staged a fancy dinner on Splash Mountain, complete with one of our Inflatable Turkeys on a silver platter. Although they initially encountered some problems with Disney security and their props, park staff were so impressed with their photo that they gave them a free framed print. Click here for the full story.

Visit Mental_Floss to view the entire collection of roller coaster and water slide photo shenanigans.