Dear Tumblr,

I’ve been so very angry and upset lately. I don’t really do anything about it besides become a recluse and lock myself in my room for days on end. I rarely yell at anyone when I’m mad, or cry on anyone’s shoulder when I’m sad. I decided that this wasn’t healthy. It’s good to be able to vent, to put all that emotion into some sort of outlet.

Thus began the lengthy, deep and detailed text message of things I wanted to say to a particular someone for hurting me because I never had the confidence to tell them earlier. I spent a good half hour or so, choosing my words wisely, articulating as much of what I was feeling as I could into just a mere text message.

Ok, so I knew I would never send it. I would never have the courage to send it to this person. Nevertheless, I saved it on my phone in hopes that maybe I would be so intrepid to actually select the send button eventually. I realise that dauntless day may never come, but it’s just somewhat comforting to know that I have the message there written already. Writing the message helped me vent, it made me feel a lot better about myself.

This time yesterday I was a emotional wreck, but as soon as I put those feelings into something a little more constructive I noticed an immediate change. So this is what I propose, I would like to make a blog purely for all of you out there to vent. It can be your outlet.

Submit or post in my ask..

The things you never had the confidence to say.

The things you never had the chance to say.

The things you wish you had said instead.

The things that were just left unsaid.

Now is your chance to just pour your heart out. You may not be saying it to the person you want to say it to, but you’re sharing it with many others that very well could be feeling the exact same way you are, or even people out there that have been through the same thing as you have been through, and might even have some advice they could give to you. I may even have some comforting words to add to your plight. Just remember I am no professional therapist, and anything I say is all personal opinion.

Whether or not you post your words left unsaid anonymously or not, I assure you, you will feel immensely better about getting it off your chest.

Even though you are not sending it to the person you wish you could be sending it to, it will forever be posted on this blog for you to always refer to in the future if you wish, and maybe even find the courage to send eventually.

Your submissions can express whatever your heart desires; melancholy, loneliness, ecstasy, rage, or apathy even. Just don’t keep those emotions bottled up inside any longer. Let your story be told, and your words be listened to.

Go ahead, follow and submit your own letter or things you’ve been meaning to say.

Yours Sincerely,

Myra. (