“Hello, you lot! Blimey, see quite a few familiar faces in there. Ah! And several new faces! Hello there! I’m the Doctor. Just the Doctor. Who are you?”

  • mynameishal

Excuse me, I’m terribly sorry to bother you but I don’t suppose you’ve seen a black umbrella around here? My dreadfully annoying little brother stole mine because he was apparently “bored”, and the clues he left to tell me where he had hidden it eventually lead me here.

The Detective and the odd Vampire // mynameishal + thefreaksdaughter

Amelia had been asked to meet her father’s rival at ‘Barry Grand Hotel’ she headed inside the hotel entrance, closing the door behind her. She was at least twenty years of age, her skin was fair, she had long brunette curls and her eyes a warm chocolate brown. She walked toward the opening, only to see two men. “Hal, who is that?” Tom questioned, looking in the direction of Amelia. “I 'aven’t seen her around 'ere before” He added on, voice kept low. 
Amelia carried two pistols with her and two daggers. Just in case she was attacked by Jim’s men, which was often. Amelia knew that Jim was staying here, he tended to move place to place quite frequently. She walked up to the counter, a kind smile on her face. “Do you know if anyone by the name 'Jim Moriarty’ is here?” She questioned, Tom did not reply, just staring toward her.