Yellow was the theme for the Nails of the Week (NOTW) challenge hosted by @nailpornography This nail art was my submission. Thinking of the theme made me think of beautiful yellow roses and gave me a chance to do some floral nail art.
I used a white base coat and then my yellow to really let the color pop. I used several shades of nail polish and mixed some together to create the floral design.
NYX - My Sunshine, Hunter Green
NYC - 134 French White Tip, 112 Times Square Tangerine Cream, 298 High Life Green
Mary Kay - Carefree Coral

These birthday cupcake nails were inspired by @nailpornography and submitted for their Nails of the Week contest, which I won! It was so much fun to do these nails in celebration of one of the hosts 23rd birthday!


My bases coat was Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in “Mauve It.” My glitter coat was NYX “Pink Glitter” with little pink glitter stars in it. All of the rest of the details were painted with acrylic paints.


The Nails Of The Week competition hosted by @nailpornography has a “Princess” theme. At first I was thinking of doing Disney Princesses themed nails for my submission, but then I realized I wanted to try something a little more classic. There were several styles of nails I’ve been wanting to try and this gave me that opportunity. This is my first time doing glitter placement and I love it! I can’t wait to do some more.
So here is my submission for the Princess themed NOTW contest.


My pink base coat is Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in “Mauve It.”

My blue base coat is NYC 151 “Skyline Blue.”

My top coat shimmer over the pink and ombré nails is Sally Hansen Diamond Strength 02 “Fairy Tale Ivory.”

My top coat shimmer over the blue is Sally Hansen Diamond Strength 160 “Something Blue.”

My Purple polish is NYC 265 “Nolita’s Lavender.”

To make my ombré nails I used the pink and purple with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri “Expresso” in the middle, the raspberry shade.

For my glitter placement I used 2 glitter polishes, NYC 105 “Starry Silver Glitter” and Pure Ice 1001 “It’s Complicated.”

The light pink and white are acrylic paint, also some silver and bronze glitter acrylic paint.

Painting my nails is hard

Because sometimes I want galaxies on my nails, because I want to look down while I’m typing and feel like I’m part of a massive galaxy and not stuck at my desk inside four walls.

And other times I want deep, blood red nails, cuz I’m a powerful mythical creature and my talons are things to be feared.

An other times I want cotton candy pink, because life is great and people are great and I feel happy and feminine and cute.

And other times I want to paint intricate designs, because they’re fun and relaxing to do and make me feel creative in a different way then my writing makes me feel creative, and I like pushing the boundaries of my creativity.

And I want all those feelings at once, but that would cause a horrific color combination and would look super weird.