Quite possibly the most IMPORTANT thing I’ve drawn meet some of the birbs i see/ have seen in my garden in Melaka, Malaysia :

ORIENTAL MAGPIE ROBIN - Black and white birbs. Magpies basically.

MYNAS - Very Loud and Noisy birbs. There’re three types actually. Usually have gang fights outside my window

EURASIAN TREE SPARROW - Lil brown birbs you see everywhere

YELLOW - VENTED BULBUL - These guys have nested in our house like three times, maybe more. They make really loud chattering noises and both parents are usually present to feed the chickies C: also : yellow butts

BLACK-NAPED ORIOLE - Yellow birbs that we see everywhere here but no one knows their name

ASIAN GLOSSY STARLING - Black glossy birb that has a greenish shine under the sun they haVE BIG RED EYES

ZEBRA DOVE - Common “burung merbuk”, we usually mistaken these birbs for pigeons

ASIAN KOEL - we rarely SEE these but they’re the ones that make loud high pitched “KOOOOEEEELLL” noises in the evening

OLIVE-BACKED SUNBIRD - Very Little yellow birbs with olive green backs. Usually seen around flowering plants flitting about

HOUSE CROW - Not seen near where i live but there are LOADS of these guys in town they are everywhere they rule the streets

RHINOCEROS HORNBILL - I’ve seen them around maybe twice or three times they are Very BIG and they sound like monkeys

PIED FANTAIL - I saw one of these in the neighbour’s rambutan tree THESE GUYS ARE VERY PRETTY they look like they have small white eyebrows if i was a birb i would probably be a fantail they have big fan like tails and constantly look angry


i recently started playing Symbaroum with some of my friends. It’s a dark fantasy tabletop rpg. and I loooove it! 

This is my character Mynas. She’s a changeling witch who grew up in a barbarian clan. After it was discovered that she was a changeling she was thrown out by her parents and sent away to live with a different clan. Being shunned by her new clan she gave up on her dream of becoming a witch. That is until she met a barbarian girl named Hanila, who began teaching her about mystical powers in secret. Years later the clan had finally gotten to know Mynas and had learned to trust her and made her a witch. 

Being a changeling means she is longlived and is currently 119 years old. With a new kingdom slowly pressing in on the barbarians territory, she passed on her position as leader of a witch node over to her apprentice, and is now out looking for ways and powers to protect her clan and the ones she love. 

gaaahhh i freaking love this rpg! I spent so much time on creating a backstory for her, I sent 4 pages to my gm, but it is so much fuunnn! 

The Bali myna (Leucopsar rothschildi) is one of the most critically endangered birds in the world, threatened by poaching and climate change. During a survey in 1990, only 15 birds still existed in the wild. Numbers have increased due to significant conservation efforts, but the future of this amazing bird still remains in jeopardy.

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My husband wanted to move.

My husband wanted to move. He wanted a larger house, with wooden floorboards, stairs, a tipped roof, and wide green lawn. He said, ‘We need the room,’. (We don’t.)

He said, 'The air is fresher out here,’. (It’s not.) He said, 'You’ll have a garden to grow lavender and mint. You’ve always wanted a garden, haven’t you, my dear?’ (I haven’t.) But he laughed and charmed me, like he does everyone (and everything), dipped his chin to murmur secrets to me in front of the rest of the women in the room (those pretty women with plump cheeks and sweet voices) – to make me smile and feel special. Chosen.

He said, ‘You’re beautiful, Emily.’ (I’m not.)

But it worked.

My husband wanted to move. He wanted a freshly outfitted retiring room that smelled of bourbon and cherry tobacco, and a soft sable coat. He said, 'You’ll have such pretty frocks now. You’ve always wanted to be the lady of your own estate.’ (I didn’t.)

He chose a large house with wooden floorboards, stairs, a tipped roof, and wide green lawn. There was a cemetery next to it. He laughed at my pinched face, kissed my hand, and joked, ‘At least the neighbors will be quiet!’

They’re not.

He waited for months before they took me, grey fingers curling under the beautiful wooden doors, scrabbling at my new dress. They smelled like lavender, mint, and bloated wet flesh. I screamed and pleaded to a god that did not hear me while my husband, my handsome husband who could charm anyone (and anything), pretended to sleep. But I saw him smile.

My husband wanted to move.


milczący jak mnisi
słyszący jak głusi
widzący jak ślepi
zakochani jak głupi

jak woda i ogień
jak biel i czerń
jak słońce i cień
jak noc i dzień

na zawsze
albo choć jeszcze
do jutra
lub pojutrza

w domyśle
do wieczności
w bezsilności
bez krzty złości

jak przyczyna i skutek
jak ziemia i wiatr
jak radość i smutek
jak yin i yang

i widzimy
jak błądzimy
jesteśmy śmieszni
a los okrutny

to my
toniemy w sobie
to nie mrzonki
to efekt spełnienia snów
marzeń ściętych głów

We return to find Miki playing with his sword.

He’s getting better at it.

Apparently, thinking about Anthy has caused his sword to level up.

I’m not reading anything into this, OK?   I don’t really have to.  I’m just glad Juri is there to help him through these confusing personal changes.

Now it’s time for Miki to explain what’s winding his mainspring.  As with all stories of the fall, this takes the form of a performative flashback with blacked-out faces.  I am guessing that the shadow puppet girls are in some way responsible for these, because nobody else is this slick with the symbols.

Why is there a bird in this shot?  Well, it’s a Myna bird, is why.  A mimic.  Get it?

Meanwhile, Anthy is doing that creepy thing where she switches off when nobody is looking at her.

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DAMIEN: You know the answer to that already.
LESLIE: … Yes, I suppose I do.
LESLIE: I just wanted to hear you say it, though.
DAMIEN: Go fuck Valmer or something, Leslie.
LESLIE: He’s charming in his own right, but I’d rather not let romantic attraction towards his own pet myna confuse him.
LESLIE: He’s a very good writer. He treats me well.
LESLIE: Best get to McCormick, though.
LESLIE: It’s only a matter of time before one of the four connect the dots between Kenny the cat and Kenny the human.
DAMIEN: The four?
LESLIE: Kyle, Tweek, Butters, and Pip.
DAMIEN: … Pip’s there?

LESLIE: You could always get in and get out, though.
LESLIE: Steal away Kenny the way you get yourself and Pip around the town.
DAMIEN: How- oh. Right. You know all.
LESLIE: That I do, Son of Satan.
LESLIE: Really, though. It’d be best if you fetched him immediately and talked to him.
LESLIE: There’s only so much Kenny can say before they get suspicious.
DAMIEN: Alright, fine.
DAMIEN: … How’s Ruby holding up?

LESLIE: … Last I checked on her at Craig’s request this morning, she was looking at their photo again.
LESLIE: The regret on her face was rather palpable.
DAMIEN: … Right.
DAMIEN: I’ll haul ass.
LESLIE: You do that. I’ll inform the others about this so that they know to avoid such an incident in the future.
DAMIEN: … Actually, all you’d need to do is tell Stan for the news to reach both the girls and Craig’s gang.
DAMIEN: Think you’d be able to drop by the Stoleys to pass it on to Kevin and Esther?
LESLIE: I don’t see why not. If I can’t, I’m certain Annie would gladly pass the message.
DAMIEN: Thank you.
DAMIEN: And… Leslie?

DAMIEN: … Nothing.
LESLIE: … Well, alright, Damien.
LESLIE: I’ll be heading home after this.
DAMIEN: Fine. I’ll be seeing you then.
LESLIE: ‘Til then, Antichrist.