mythology meme: hades and persephone

“No, I took her and then I wooed her. A room of her own, a weekend in Asphodel, I kept my bejeweled hands to myself and the distance between us shrank. She dozed off one afternoon as we cruised the Styx. Her elegant fingers twitched as she dreamed then waking with a start she reached for my wrist and blurted, “I thought you’d be cold, but you’re not.”

That night she came to me of her own free will, took off the disguise of daughter and lay down. Next morning she was queen of the dark.”

- Ron Koertge

Greek Mythology  [4/?]
Atalanta was a great Arkadian huntress and a favourite of the goddess Artemis. She was exposed by her father in the wilderness at birth, but was suckled by a she-bear and afterwards found and raised by hunters. Atalanta's name was derived from the Greek word atalantos, meaning "equal in weight." She was one of several famous huntresses in Greek mythology

Amazing work by @faustnewyork (up top) and @tedlincoln (below his work My Mythology) over @whitewallssf impressive works all around! Honestly was blown away walking in, you should definitely see this in person, the entire place is full of amazing works by different artists.

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Thanks mymythology - for reminding me of this tragically beautiful song. I have memories just listening to it.

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Just ignore assholes. :)

I’m on the verge of tears to be honest. Because I do care. I care about the people that are dying around the world because I am a decent human being. Then people come along that say that because I spend a night blogging and enjoying a silly awards show that I don’t care, that I’m not a decent human being, it makes me really fucking upset. I just want a good night, one fucking good night. Not this judgement. Not this. Ugh.

mitchellthespaceman replied to your photo: Ehh… still a ways to go.

It’s looking really amazing!!!

Aww thanks! I don’t think so, but you know how those things go…

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What are you panting it on? Is it fabric? That’s so interesting.

Actually, while it’s a burlap sack underneath it, I’m actually working on dried plaster. It’s pretty much how Leonardo da Vinci did The Last Supper (which is primarily the reason Supper is in such bad shape right now, as you’re supposed to paint on plaster quickly when it’s wet, or else the paint starts to wear off).

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16 isn’t old - AT ALL, if that’s what you’re concerned about.

No… it’s just 16 is a funny age. There’s all this “stuff” that goes along with the title of being a 16-year old. 

All of the associations with what a 16 is supposed to do. I’ve never been a “normal” child, and I know that I won’t be a “normal” teenager.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m just over thinking it. 

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Don’t spoil it, but is “The Dark Knight Rises” as good/or better as “The Dark Knight”?

Well, I’m just going to say, The Dark Knight is my fourth favorite film of all time, right behind Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Black Swan, and All About Eve. So when I saw it I had almost unrealistic expectations.

Short answer: neither.

But a short answer doesn’t do justice. Despite my utter love for The Dark Knight, I have always felt, personally, that the film didn’t go into the implications of what would happen when a society descends into complete chaos. It did it’s best given the story though, and it was one heck of a story. (I still feel the ferry scene is one of the greatest film moments of all time)

The Dark Knight Rises though, looking back at it, does explore those implications. I’m not sure, however, I was fully aware of what putting it on screen would mean.

Complaint: after the film ended I overheard a couple of kids remarking that it felt that the film was almost two films smashed together; a explanatory first half and a action-filled, emotional second. I do, however, feel that they were both needed in the story. The first half, was however, amazing for what it had to do. But the second half - woah - oh my gosh. I was utterly blown away. Everything about it I loved. It even rivals The Dark Knight’s conclusion in my book.

Lastly, there was another problem I had. I went in only have seen The Dark Knight, and not having seen Batman Begins. That was a mistake, and I realized that the film had a lot of plot points that go back to the first film, and for me having not seen it I was lost in a few spots.

However, with all of that - I still enjoyed myself. It’s an amazing film. It doesn’t reach the heights The Dark Knight managed to scale, but it’s still technically awesome, and by the end [NO SPOILERS] I was in tears.

In fact I’m seeing it again in IMAX next week. It deserves to be watched in theaters. And hopefully by then I’ll have seen Batman Begins. :]