your spirit
comes to me
this woman
that it sees
i simply long
to rest
in the warmth
of your embrace
your silhouette
I will trace
with imaginary
search for love
while it lingers
in this
our tiny universe
where these bodies
will converse
made of light
from the stars
that fill the night
our bodies blend
as they collide
there is nothing
left to hide
you search
my heart
my soul
my flesh
this is where
we come to mesh
enjoy the solace
that we do find
inside this home
within our minds



Vincent (1982) - Tim Burton Short Film [720p HD]
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Hey @cursetale i made you a little something ? I hope you’ll like it…

I counsel earphones or a “helmet” or whatever you call it you english-speakers, for the basses, and the “pan”.

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Okay. I feel the need to freaking mention a few things here. First off, is there a need to be that close to each other? I mean seriously, guys! Why would you stand that close together especially in those get-ups! What gives? Some people like to make shippers feel insane and dirty, but look at you! You have crossed each other’s personal space and are practically inside of the other by how close you are.   

Secondly, really Rhett? You’re on camera and you are practically brushing your crotch on Link’s arm. Another inch and their would be friction on your nether regions. Either: A. you don’t give a shit who sees your thirstiness, B. you are unconsciously doing it and that’s a whole other story C. it has become second natural to be that close to your boyfriend that it is just pure habit. or D. You’re doing it to get a reaction or create “awkwardness” as Link put it in the AMA.

I absolutely love these two. And I adore the fandom. Sometimes, I feel like this is just an exercise in creativity.  A way to make gifs/fics, have fun and connect with other like minded people. But then I see shit like this and it makes me do a double take. Like is there really something to all of this shipping. I feel like there is more to this relationship than even we (we, shippers) like to imagine. It really makes you think. 

Secret Garden

I know a secret
place that i can go
where fear cannot hide
and all of me I show
it is only here
I can reveal my blue
bring every sadness
and make in new
in this secret garden
I plant each sorrow
then water with tears
the joyful blooms
of tomorrow


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