to everyone returning to school:

remember the important things

  • your grades do not determine your self-worth
  • your grades are not more important than your mental and physical health
  • the grade you get doesn’t reflect on the kind of person you are

and last but not least

  • if anyone makes you feel otherwise, punch them in the face

heyy pretty people and welcome to my MAY BOTM yaa

what you gotta do?
  • follow moah
  • reblog this
  • you can like it but only reblogs count!
  • this must reach 50
  • there will be one winner and few runner-ups
  • I’ll be picking around May 1st
  • will announce the winner and runner-ups on May 3rd
winners will get:
  • follow from me if not already
  • spot on my blog 
  • promos whenever
  • my love and friendship forever
  • cookies and cream
runner-ups will get:
  • follow from me
  • promo when announced
  • the honor
  • love
  • and maybe some hugs

nothing more just flyyy


-it’s so small it doesn’t even need a banner but hey i was bored ok-

so the thing is.. I’m suuper close to my goal and I wanted to reach it by the weekend so I decided to make a quick Tumblr Awards.

  • mbf dearory (psstt.. it’s me)
  • reblog this 
  • you can also like to keep track ya know
  • maybe enter my botm..? (optional)
  • I’ll be picking in 48 hours [April 11th]
  • there will be one winner
  • probably some runner-ups too, depending on the notes
  • supernatural
  • doctor who
  • teen wolf
  • graphics
  • url
  • nicest blogger
  • overall favorite
  • multi-fandom
  • swag award

winners get:

  • promo when announced
  • spot in my updates bar for a week or so
  • my love and hopefully friendship
  • yes you are allowed to message me and become my bestie, also if you don’t win i mean i need some friends

runner-ups get

  • promo when announced
  • cookies
  • my love and friendship

hey are you in love with that crazy cute guy who stole all our hearts? are you tired of crying over him alone in your room? well you don’t have to be alone any more


 what why do we need a network?

well it’s pretty obvious.. to find more people who adore him and become best friends and cry together..yup

how do I get in?

all you have to do is 

  • follow the admins -> Eva <- & -> Ugla <-
  • reblog this
  • its okay if you like it but it doesn’t affect your chances
  • take this survey whoop
wow cool anything else?
  • we’ll be picking the members after like 2 weeks [march 14th]
  • we’ll pick around 5-6 people (then we’ll add more people later)
  • if there is anything else you’d like to know then just send one of us or both a message!