Today has been a blur. Three hours of sleep is not enough, friends, especially when you fall asleep at 6 AM. The kids have been super gentle on me today, though so I can’t really complain. Mylo’s been in his room for an hour and a half just chillin’ out while I nursed Augs to sleep, (accidentally) took a 15 minute power nap, and showered. He was upset that I had to put Auggie to sleep, though. “No Auggie go nigh nigh. Get up and play with Mymo,” he whined. I ended up getting down on his level and explaining that Augs would cry and be sad if he didn’t take a nap, but that he could play with his tablet while he waited for me to get done. The baby actually ended up crying for me in the middle of it, which made Mylo really understand. “No crying, Auggie. Go nigh nigh and sleep, then get up an play with Mymo! Bye, Mommy!” How fucking amazing is that?! He’s so awesome, guys.

Anyway, I feel a lot better after my cat nap and shower. I, apparently, needed 15 minutes to recharge. When I came to, I couldn’t believe it’d only been such a short time because I seriously feel as if I slept all night now. Once up, I showered with my new shampoo bar and my sample of Veganese conditioner. Oh my GOD. I’m ordering the conditioner next week, I swear. And the cleanser! It was soooooo nice, very smooth but with some lovely almondy scrub action. I think I’m going to really like having a clay based cleanser. The moisturizer is heaven sent, too. I can tell already. Not only do I have rosacea (I think?), but I have combination skin that is dry in some areas, but gets greasy really quickly in other parts. Celestial is gentle, so it didn’t burn like everything else does. Also, it covered all the dry patches while maintaining a light, clean, soft feeling overall. AHHHHH.

I feel like such a lame adult gushing about this, but I’m seriously so excited. You wouldn’t believe the number of comments I get regularly about the dry patches of skin on my face, which has led to some self confidence issues. I’m stoked to have found something so rad that already has given me results. There’s been a lot of wasted money trying to get to this point in my life. Hahaha

Yay for amazing babies and Lush!