DARKNESS & SILENCE: a mix low, dark mix for the vastness, the void & the deafening silence swallowing every sounds you could make (“In space, no one can hear you scream.”) 

i.a lifetime of losing - clinton shorter // ii.scanning for life forms - sabled sun // iii.dead space theme - jason graves // iv.eden prime - jack wall & sam hulick // v.signal - clinton shorter // vi.code red - john murphy // vii.the wormhole - hans zimmer // viii.dark star origins - parhelion // ix.tranquility - sabled sun // x.are you receiving? - clint mansell // need to come back - hans zimmer // xii.freezing inside: mace - john murphy // xiii.bothy - mica levi // xiv.never leave - hecq // xv.the ardat yakshi - cris velasco & sasha dikiciyan

OLD ENOUGH TO READ FAIRY TALES AGAIN II  —  Instrumental playlist for fantasy worlds and magical lands you will love again.  (part 1)

01 Alice in Wonderland Vitaliy Zavadskyy | 02 Snow White James Newton Howard | 03 Across the Burren Michele McLaughlin | 04 Crosswords Alexandre Desplat | 05 Duet Philip Glass | 06 Come, Gentle Night Abel Korzeniowski | 07 Long, Long Time Ago Javier Navarrete | 08 La Valse de l'Amour Patrick Doyle | 09 Balck Swan Vitaliy Zavadskyy | 10 The Wardrobe Harry Gregson-Williams | 11 Jack’s Obsession Danny Elfman | 12 The King’s Speech Alexandre Desplat | 13 Sparrow Miika Mettiainen | 14 On the Nature of Daylight Max Richter | 15 Kristofferson’s Theme Alexandre Desplat | 16 Fairy Dance James Newton Howard | 17 Farewell Alan Menken | 18 A New Life Alexandre Desplat | 19 The Nursery Clint Mansell | 20 Stuff We Did Michael Giacchino


’ sᴀᴠᴇ ᴛʜᴇ ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ, ᴅᴀʀʟɪɴɢ ʟᴏᴠᴇ, ғʀᴏᴍ ᴍʏ ᴋɪɴɢᴅᴏᴍ.  ’

words unspoken, exchanged between a stranded daughter and her estranged father’s ghost on the night of the second apocalypse. dark, lonely melodies as misato floats out to sea. katsuragi family centric mired with a heavy industrial influence.


I haven’t seen a Reverse Falls/Reverse Pines AU fan theme song yet, and I figured it’d be like Gravity Falls’ except slightly altered. So I figured why not.

Gravity Falls Theme Song by Kenny (Thanks for the permission to use your work!)
Gravity Falls Season Two Trailer song by Brad Breeck
Mixing and Art by me

youtube version


FALSE LIGHTS: a mix for urban witches in the night (city witches walking at night, holding their breath, disappearing in flickering lights, hiding behind computers and tv screens, injecting magic in concrete…) [credits: XX]


i.artificial nocturne - metric // ii.smells like teen spirit (ft. malia j) - think up anger // iii.≈Ω≈☾∆STING SPΣLLS≈Ω≈ - 90′s bambino // iv.magic spells - crystal castles // v.disco//very - warpaint // vi.violent games - poliça // vii.hurricane - halsey // viii.set me free - blvck ceiling // ix.stonefist - health // x.jesus camp (now remix) - now, now // xi.goth - sidewalks and skeletons // - eves the behavior // xiii.up in flames - ruelle // xiv.always near - tiesto

ENDLESS YEARNING IN YOUR HEART - a m’gann m’orzz fanmix ((remake of a super old mix in honor of yj s3 being greenlit))

LADY IN SPAIN, ingrid michaelson. DOING THE RIGHT THING, daughter. HOW BIG HOW BLUE HOW BEAUTIFUL, florence + the machine. YOU ARE A TOURIST, death cab for cutie. OH NO, marina & the diamonds. HUMAN, ellie goulding. FREE, lenka. GET RID OF YOUR GHOSTS, land of trees. WHO ARE YOU REALLY, mikky ekko. EVERYTHING AT ONCE, lenka. ALL THIS BEAUTY, the weepies. LITTLE WHITE LIES, florrie.


OLD ENOUGH TO READ FAIRY TALES AGAIN  —  Instrumental playlist for fantasy worlds and magical lands you will love again. 

01 A Narnia Lullaby Harry Gregson-Williams | 02 Arrival of the Birds & Transformation The Cinematic Orchestra | 03 Divenire Ludovico Einaudi | 04 Once there was a Hushpuppy Benth Zeitlin | 05 Davy Jones’ Theme Song Hans Zimmer | 06 Piano Duet Danny Elfman | 07 Once Upon a Dream Simon Rawlings | 08 Portuguese Love Theme Gabrielle | 09 Clara? Murray Gold | 10 Fireside Dance Danny Elfman | 11 Caresse sur l'Océan Bruno Coulais  | 12 Let it Go & Vivaldi’s Winter The Piano Guys | 13 I Giorni Daniel Hope | 14 The Origins of Time Johann Johannsson | 15 The Threat of War Alexandre Desplat | 16 The Deer Woodkid | 17 Summer ‘78 Yann Tiersen | 18 Photograph Arcade Fire | 19 Define Dancing Thomas Newman | 20 Once upon a December Emile Pandolfi | 21 How it Ends De Votch Ka 


a dragon never yields, spirit of justice ost. mother & father, broods. lay me down, the oh hellos. what the water gave me, florence + the machine. wild wind, land of trees. too bad so sad, metric. after the storm, mumford & sons. i of the storm, of monsters and men. all is now harmed, ben howard. devil may cry, the weeknd. wrong victory, ms mr. blame, bastille. iron, woodkid. tonight, tv on the radio. king, lauren aquilina. son, sleeping at last. between the devil and the deep blue sea, xylo. my heart is a storm, aurora. under the tide, chvrches



A mix to define Asuka Langely Soryu’s battle with Arael; girl vs machine. Featuring tortured female-fronted voices soused in fear and anxiety-ridden lullabies, evoking sensations not unlike hearing a mother speak from under several layers of heavy industrial and vocal machinery. Resamples and distorts classical poetry; dialogue and music from Episode 22: At Least, Be Human/Don’t Be for a sound that is distinctly Evangelion. Dedicated to sohmer/starros.


prologue / THE LAMB - john taverner (ft.) baile

rising action / LOVIN YOU - hagan x minnie riperton | GUIDANCE - madi larson x ajgor | SKINNY (NOVUS REMIX) - bones | STRETCHED OUT - abbi press | SEVEN SEALS - cvrl (ft.) Øfdream | LOTA - saphir and ben fox | WHEN I DIE - beya lekhari | DO YOU LOVE ME? - hikikomori 

epilogue / ADDER(F)ALL - tei shi


KINGS & FOOLS - a two-sided mix for glass hearts, lonely souls responding to each other & spilled love in-between not quite finding it’s path right away.

Eliot’s Side. (For bone deep disenchantment, beautiful messes, crush at first sight, tumbling into love with a friend who became too dear along the way & feeling like you’re falling short…)

i.raspberry cane - youth lagoon / ii.incredibly still - sombear / iii.boy from the sun - niva / iv.flaws - bastille / v.numbers - daughter / vi.i wanna be yours [slowed] - arctic monkeys / vii.better than heaven - bloc party / viii.shameless - man man / ix.real - years & years / x.prehistoric - now, now / xi.when i’m with u - astronomyy / xii.closer (bradley hale remix) - tegan and sara / rainbow - raffertie

Quentin’s Side. (For a mind like a prison, confused heart, getting lost in your own emotions, liking girls but liking a boy too & not knowing what to do with any of it all…)

i.a better son/daughter - rilo kiley / ii.eet - regina spektor / or out - ani difranco / iv.colour fade - funeral suits / me down - troye sivan / vi.i still remember - bloc party / vii.lost boy - troye sivan (cover by reid) / viii.habits - maria mena / ix.these arms - active child / step ahead - a great big world / xi.lights changing colour - stars / xii.colors pt. ii - halsey / fast - let’s buy happiness

a little escape - a penny fanmix

pleasant memory - stardew valley // anything i’m not - lenka // pay no mind, madeon ft passion pit // solid and strong - kimya dawson // pocketful of poetry // sunflower - the weepies // small town moon - regina spektor // whole lot of heart - ingrid michaelson // one day i will do - priscilla ahn // cardigan sweater - jasmine kennedy // bird set free - sia