LesMisérables } who will have mercy on your soul?


FF Type-0 week:

  • Day 3: youth

“Youth” should not be a period in your life where you’re USED AS A F***ING WEAPON.
It’s when you do normal teenager stuff like crushing on your teacher, gossiping on your classmates, skipping classes, throwing tantrums, doing crazy stunts to not be late in class, etc…
RIP me. This alt ending destroyed me.

Bonus: Kurasame done with those youngsters bullshit.


LesMisérables } so dark, so dark indeed [collab part]


 FF Type-0 week:

  • Day 4: destruction

Arecia is the reason everything is going downhill. She’s the reason everyone’s suffering. All for opening a stupid gate.
Since Arecia chose class 0, she probably made sure they would always be orphans. How horrible is that? How destructive?
Of course, she’s not the only one. There’s her counterpart Gala who is far worse (who wants to kill everyone where Arecia chose a small group of people). But it doesn’t excuse the fact that this world and all this people are used as an experiment, completely disregarding their free-will (at least until the end of the game). 
Arecia’s and Gala’s very existence and their missions are destructive for the people of this world. Arecia’s last act is another destruction: the destruction of the doomed spiral, setting the world free. 


can you feel the whole world shaking [mep part]

full mep ●

(i say you skip this and watch the full thing, it’s AMAZING)

Just a little Fox’s study for my Mushroom’s comic.
More information :

Pour les besoins de ma BD en cours (et comme je suis nulle pour les représenter) j'ai décidé de m'entraîner à dessiner des animaux. Il faut dire que l'essentiel de l'intrigue se déroulant dans une forêt, ce serait complétement illogique de ne pas en croiser quelques uns…

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