I’ve been reading a lot of Nikki Lipstick’s tumblr, and have fallen in love with Puppytube’s art, and monster girl month just ended… I honestly don’t think I’ve had this much fun drawing something in a while (being drunk probably helped).

Damn though, this was difficult to tone in photoshop! I kept gettin’ errors when I tried to halftone layers or new images. Blehhh whatever I figured it out


Happy Vegan Month of Food (VeganMoFo!) I’m eating good, as you can tell. DUH. I drew the comic, and photos are by Teal with his shmancy new camera.

Two notes: first of all, yes, I know that yakisoba is Japanese. But it’s so greasy and good and available at chinese take-out places. Also, most worchestershire sauce isn’t vegan (it’ll have anchovies), but vegan brands use soy sauce instead. So you can pick your battles (I’m mildly allergic to soy) or make yer own!

Vegan Mofo 2011 Zine?

Last year I made a 2010 zine of all my Vegan MoFo recipe comics. There were ten recipes, 16 pages, lots of silliness. I’d kind of like to do it again! I’ll have seven recipe pages up here by the end of October, and would put three more in the zine as a bonus. I would probably call it “Vegan MoFo 2011: All I Can Afford is Liquor.” Would you buy one? Should I do this? It would be done in mid November.

I won’t be participating in the 30-day Monster Girl challenge, but I probably will draw a lot of them anyway. I guess I’ve been reading too much Homestuck, because this one ended up looking like a vicious pornographic Aradia! Oops.

So maybe you’re wondering why I haven’t posted the last Vegan MoFo comic yet, or maybe you’re Joamette and waiting for a super sweet illustration of Dave. Uh, they’re coming. Everything got pushed back a bit because my boyfriend’s laptop bag with a computer + other important stuff in it was stolen this weekend. Balls! Shit! It sucks.

Because of that we’re down a few big, crucial items. We were already breaking the bank a little, so if you’ve ever wanted to set up a commission with me now is a really, really good time to do so. I’ve got an info page here, where you can ask about pre-made art for sale or set up something special just for you. If you want to spread the word, that’s mighty appreciated too! Every little bit helps, you guys. <3