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Granted I can't bring myself to rewatch 5x12, but do you think that Jonas rejection of Carrie was about her CIA-type lifestyle. There is at least some part of the rejection linked to her bipolar. Like, he thought he loved her but that was before he really understood what her bipolar disorder really meant.

I think a lot of it was about the CIA stuff. A small part of it was probably, or could have been, about her illness, but not that much IMO. 

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It seemed that c/q relationship didn't seem right to C because she didn't trust herself not to push him away bc of her bipolar disorder. To me, it seemed that she cared so much about their relationship that she didn't want to risk "it ending badly" to try for more. Then after the pep talk with her mom (silly that this was all it took) she wanted to move ahead. I think this is how it is for a lot of people. A long term preexisting relationship that one day turns into more. IMO, very romantic

See previous answer. 

The road trip to Missouri to visit her mother was probably the single dumbest thing ever on this show and I’ve sat through skyping blackberries, Carrie walking through dark abandoned mills with pipe fragments, thirty used pregnancy tests, Aasar Khan, and “MAY 1.” 

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Q's head on C's shoulder is HL code for he loved her and still does. We still don't know C's feelings for Q as of 4.12. And, I agree, she does love Jonas, although I'm not really sure he's up for the challenge.

My take is that she feels sorry about the way things ended, especially seeing how he is now, but she doesn’t love him, and I don’t think she ever did.