Honour Your Body Morning Meditation

This ones a biggie, guys. Learning to honour our bodies can be one of the most challenge tasks that we face as human beings.  

I know that it has been for me and it has taken years to get to a place where I feel love for myself and my body to the point where this love influences the choices that I make on a daily basis - everything from: drinking enough water to surrounding myself with people who love me unconditionally, to choosing what I want to put into my body and how much.

Through meditation, I have learned to be come aware of my subtle energy and now understand which life situations and people deplete this vital energy, so that I can make the choices that are going to help me to grow, heal and transform.

For those of you who have trouble honouring your body (this includes most of us), who are hard on yourselves or who are suffering with addiction, negative patterns or self-loathing this meditation, when practiced daily will ground, center and draw awareness to the places where you are knowingly or unknowingly harming yourself.

This is one of my favourite meditations to do starting on a new week, for 7 days.

  1. Find a peaceful, space either outdoors or one well lit with natural light.
  2. Sit in an upright position with your spine long, place your right hand upon your heart and your left hand on your belly and begin to breathe deeply into your belly.
  3. When you have connected to your deep, belly breathing focus on the root chakra energy center or the perineum (space between vagina and anus to put it bluntly) and feel the energetic impact of that chakra.
  4. Your root chakra energetically vibrates with the colour red so as you breath, picture how vibrant the colour of your root chakra is.  Is it a pale red or bright and fiery? As you breath, picture the colour getting brighter and more vibrant.
  5. Once you have brightened the colour of your root chakra, feel the healing and empowering energy of it move through your entire body. Be open to your intuition, creative ideas, images, feelings, emotions and revelations.
  6. Feel your heart and body fill with healing and loving energy and feel a deep sense of compassion move through you.
  7. Feel yourself completely surrendering mind, body, heart and spirit to your deep and powerful energy making a promise to yourself to protect it and nurture it and bring this energy into each interaction, creation and exchange of your day.

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Soul of the sea, 23 August 2015. Music to accompany this picture is at… #Ogmore #Beach #Glamorgan #Wales #UK #Igerscardiff #Soul #Sea #Sparkling #Horizon #Waves #MyMeditation #MeditazioneDiMe #Anima #Mare #Scintillante #Onde #Orizzonte (at Ogmore-by-Sea, Vale of Glamorgan)

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I don’t typically rant on photos unless it’s something I feel pretty strongly about sharing. If you have a moment to grow, spend it reading this, and maybe pursuing any answers to questions it may raise for you like I began through the wormhole of sites and books on my spiritual journey… if you scroll past or unfollow, that’s cool too. |||Because we’re all human and you can be whoever you want to today.||| I hope everyone experiences a time in their life where they prefer to be #alone. I’ve realized by going #deep inside yourself, you become aware that everyone has world’s and lives of knowledge beyond this one to offer you if you really #consciously want to recieve that. Including yourself.
I don’t mean that every conversation with any stranger will change your life, though meeting people and absorbing new things is great practice. I mean that you must listen, practice, learn to breathe again, this time with intention to fill your lungs-
The universe is within and without you everyday.
You always can feel your #selfsystems operate in #duality through the battle of #ego and #spirit with each decision you make- its time to now work on making it united, wholesome, synchronized. ●You can not kill the ego but you can become so aware of it that you stop acting egotistically. ● You don’t have to believe in any diety or any value except the truth, but you do have to believe in your #innerself to become a more spiritual person and to find that truth. #Meditation will bring you there.

These two ways of thinking need to become a team for your life.
The truest self will emerge and the relief it provides is increasingly astounding. **By no means do I think I have this mastered. It’s something I try to achieve all the time and am modelingmy existence after. Here are my findings in hopes to encourage at least one other to find theirs.
The push is amongst us and is spreading like fire to all regions of this earth. Stay informed. Stay worldly. Don’t get lost in social media, fashion, the hype. Man kind is well into our next phase of evolution.

Sending love to your hearts today💞

Monday Meditation - Messages from nature

How do you view growth? If you had to draw a graph of growth, how would it look? A steady incline? Up and down? I think deep down, when we are judging our own situations, we find it difficult to accept the declines as growth. 

Let me tell you how Chinese bamboo grows. 

The graph would not even begin for the first four years. But if you remain patient, and carry on watering this seed that seems fruitless, the bamboo will suddenly shoot up in the fifth year. 

This was told to me in the context of meditation - when you feel you are making no progress, perhaps you are just preparing for the real growth to take place.

This can be applied to anything you do. If you persist in whatever you are doing, eventually it will grow.