When freshmen go into the wrong classroom #Naruto

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I believe that Naruto is a story about how we as human can change and decide our own destiny, no matter what people have labeled us. And romance is just a bonus yo. So please stahp this stupid shipping war already you guys. Please… Morever we can’t decide who deserves who better ya kno. We’re not the creator. We don’t know them well as Kishimoto sensei know them. So yea, just suck it up man. Sometime things in life cannot be expected like you want them to be.

anonymous asked:

If you were given the chance to rewrite the Naruto series, what parts will you change and why?

I would have:

  • Placed less focus on Naruto and Sasuke - (because they often siphoned attention away from those who were more deserving of it).
  • Kept Naruto as the loser underdog, and not made him some uber-special child of prophecy - (because it was more interesting that way).
  • Given Sakura the Jesus no jutsu instead of Naruto - (because it made no sense whatsoever that Naruto was given this ability, despite medical ninjutsu being Sakura’s field of expertise).
  • Given Sakura more 1 on 1 fights - (because her abilities in Part 2 warranted this).
  • Allowed the Konoha rookies to shine more than they did in Pt.2 - (because Naruto and Sasuke completely left them in the dust).
  • Given the Sharingan less capabilities - (because it essentially became a Weapon of Mass Destruction, and the Izanagi is beyond cheap).
  • Not made it so easy to transplant freaking EYES - (because that allowed for a lot of BS to occur).
  • Given Kaguya more hype prior to her appearance, if she was always gonna be the final “Big Bad” - (because Madara outshined her in every way, thereby leaving fans rather deflated with Kaguya).
  • Made Naruto vs Sasuke Pt.2 longer - (because as the final fight, it needed to be longer).
  • Made chapters 699-700 MUCH longer - (because no where near enough information was given. This was rectified through later material, but still. I’d have extended 699 by 10-15 chapters, and 700 by 5 chapters).

Those are off the top of my head :)

anonymous asked:

A request? I kind want to see how your Uchiha sasuke would look like

for some reason i never like him from the start, guess now he’s just like an okay for me. When i think of it, this guy’s more like of an AggressiveLoner ™ rather than an EdgyLoner ™ , so it probably the reason why (no)

also taking the chance to practice the hyper angle thing