Brothers Talk
  • 400 years ago:
  • Natsu:Zeref-ni?
  • Zeref:Yes Natsu?
  • As Tears Fall In Natsu's Eyes:Why do kids make fun of my hair? T^T
  • Zeref:.....Who is doing this?
  • Natsu points at a group of older kids:Them
  • Zeref:Don't worry I'll take care of them
  • evil glare:
  • Natsu mumbling to himself:Hehe.. I lied... They'll never mess with my food again
  • Au where Natsu Would Use His His Hair As A Excuse To Get His Big Brother To Mess With The People Who Mess With His Food:


how about an alternate ending where lucy follow her mom footstep ?

what if the gate needed to be opened again? what if they cant get all 12 keys?

what if after the war ended, she only had a few years left to live?

tho i believe the canon lucy will be ok :’D i hope

i had thought of this AU for awhile and i think now is a perfect time to draw it ;)

totally didnt had this idea after watching clannad the after story-cough-