The magazines in Gotham are always filled with stuff from the Wayne kids. Quizzes like “Which Wayne-Bachelor Should You Date?” or “Who Would Be Your Wayne Manor Bestie?” are almost always runnning. On the flipside, stuff about their alter egos are also running. Quizzes like “Are You More Bat, Super, or Wonder?” or “Who Would Rescue You From The Riddler?” fill the pages.  The batkids are always taking these


this video is a lot to take in

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Who in the Batfamily do you think has smoked weed/how do you think they all feel about it?

  • Dick - is a supporter of making weed legal and smokes it after a long and/or hard day. probably like once or twice a week
  • Jason - only does it in social situations like if everyone else is doing it he is like “’kay guess i’ll get high too”
  • Babs - doesn’t smoke it and is against it because her dad is the commissioner and scared the hell out of her 
  • Tim - doesn’t like it because every time he smokes he gets really paranoid. that being said he doesn’t care if other people do it or if it is legal.
  • Duke - used to smoke a lot but ever since he actual got a stable home he doesn’t do it unless he wants to relax by himself
  • Damian - doesn’t smoke and isn’t for it because Alfred scared him as a kid saying that if he did pot even once his brain would melt and he would become a vegetable. he lies and says he doesn’t believe it but he also doesn’t want to take any chances
  • Luke - smoked in college but now that he is graduated and become more adult not as much
  • Tiffany - she doesn’t agree with smoking but thinks it should be legal so it can be regulated and won’t be laced with something 
  • Stephanie - is super against it is ever form. has even gone as far as flushing Dick’s stash down the toilet
  • Cassandra - smokes when her anxiety is really bad or she can’t turn her brain off. she sees it more as a medicine then a drug
  • Harper - smokes a few times a week and doesn’t understand why it is not legal
  • Carrie - smokes if someone offers them some but really doesn’t care if they smoke or not
  • Kate - gets high with her girlfriends if they all have a night off together
  • Bruce - claims he is anti-pot but when he was younger he smoked sometimes. he was never a big fan though because it always made him paranoid. believes it should be legal for its medicinal qualities but only for that not for recreational use
  • Alfred - never had any interest in it until he accidentally ate one of harper’s brownies. was convinced if he didn’t hold something he wold fly away. while he still doesn’t do anything with pot, he isn’t against it like he used to be

I’ve kept the red hair [after filming finished on Poldark]. I love it. Plus, it was a decision that I really fought for, as well. I had this gut instinct that Demelza should have red hair and it actually wasn’t anything to do with the fact that Angharad Rees had red hair in the previous adaptation - that hadn’t actually crossed my mind - it was just something that I felt very strongly about. Plus, a lot of the cast are brunette; I wanted to really break away from that mould, I just felt that it added an edge to the character.