>> LawLu Week 2k16 <<

Day 10 - Thank you

In my headcanon, Law and Luffy are thankful for meeting each other and for having a great impact in each other’s life. But for this theme, I want to thank Law and Luffy instead for being my number one OTP. I’ve watched so many anime and read so many manga already that I have tons of ships but LawLu really got to me the most. In reality, I shipped ZoLu first (and ZoSan as well) but when Law appeared, damn it’s like he just shambled me up. He’s just my ideal person– you know, if he exists.

Putting gender aside, I really fell in love with their character and looks and just thought that ahhh they’re so perfect for each other. They’re really the embodiment of a perfect couple for me and thank god for the fiction writers for at least letting me imagine it even though it’s not animation canon.

I’m really addicted to LawLu to the point of having them as my wallpaper and theme in every gadget I have, every art/ bl manga that I’d save on my phone, every figma and collection I could get my hands on and to have mostly dedicate this tumblr blog to them. And I don’t regret in like wasting my money and time for fictional characters because I love them. And I love the fact that I have interacted with a lot of people around the globe especially here in tumblr, because of them.

So, Thank you. Trafalgar D Law and Monkey D Luffy. You guys will always be my OTP even after One Piece ends. Thank you Eiichiro Oda-sama for making these wonderful characters. Thank you to those who organized 10 Days of LawLu and to those who share the LawLu love.

I’m late but Happy LawLu Week guys ;) And yeah, it’s my first time in manga coloring I hope it was okay.


“What do you use your sword for? To protect the Shogunate? Or to protect the Shogun? Not me. Do you remember? We used to be a bunch of low-life swordsmen with neither jobs nor pride. Who was it that recruited us for that dirty dojo? After the sword prohibition, we lost our way of life and even the dojo, but who was it that, even then, never gave up on us? Who helped us regain the swords we lost? It wasn’t the Shogunate… or even the Shogun… He’s been our commander ever since. I have no choice but to protect him. No matter what mistakes he may make, I have to protect him. If you don’t like it, you can get out. I will never leave him.