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Why My Mad Fat Diary deserves your time

Don’t be put off by its glib, teen-oriented title, E4’s My Mad Fat Diary was brilliantly funny, well-written, proper human drama…
By Rob Leane, 8 Jul 2015

As an outsider looking in, My Mad Fat Diary never appeared to be selling what I wanted to buy. Bowing to the logic that anyone who zanily declares ‘I’m mad, me!’ in real life deserves to be given a wide berth, its big, fat gypsy-wedding-alike title didn’t appeal.

Neither did its teen-skewed content, or as much of it as I’d glimpsed from E4’s promos. Cheesy love triangles and mooning over pop stars? Not for me. And that goes double for shows that get their laughs by insulting characters for not conforming to the rules of conventional telly attractiveness. Move along, please. Not interested.

As My Mad Fat Diary approached its final series though, I witnessed something puzzling. People were preparing themselves for bereavement. Fans gathered on Twitter to express their heartfelt connections to its characters. Its writing and performances were praised in the warmest of terms. Simply put, I’d obviously been missing out.

And how. Having binged my way through its three series in preparation for the recently aired finale, I’ll now happily admit how wrong my first impressions were.

If you’ve yet to give this clever, funny, emotional drama a try, here are some spoiler-free reasons not to wait any longer…


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