Oh, Luhan. I can’t begin to explain how perfect you are. After seeing you laugh and cough, I thought that you would become less perfect. I was wrong. You’re so gorgeous and perfect that you sort of resemble an anime character. You’re a vocalist, dancer, and visual. You are an all-around person and you brighten up my dash. You have a cute and crazy 4D personality and you can be annoying and you pester your members, which is too adorable. I love you, my baby. You’re beautiful, talented, and amazing. Happy birthday! (Part I/III)



Oh, Luhan. Stop ruining lives. Stop being so perfect. From your perfect but should be extremely dead hair to your dancing and singing abilities to your cute and bubbly 4D personality, you make hearts melt. You need to stop giving us feels. I love you, you poopface. You’re beautiful, talented, and amazing. Happy birthday! (Part III/III)