Item #5 The right pinch of luck

“ I’d rather be lucky than good, saw deeply into life.  People are afraid to face how great a part of life is dependent on luck. It’s scary to think so much is out of one’s control. There are moments in a match when the ball hits the top of the net, and for a split second it can either go forward or fall back.
With a little luck, it goes forward and you win.  Or maybe it doesn’t, and you lose. Sorry. “

This one is mostly about  awareness.  I’m convinced of.. yes! I’m convinced of how great a part of life is dependent on luck! It may be scary but it is what it is. To make yourself more comfortable you can see a big project behind it, maybe you’ll be able to connect the dots as Steve Jobs said.. everything happens for a reason. A reason that maybe will appear in few years from now or that maybe you will forget.. who knows?“

But in the meantime sorry, but I know, sometime it is just like throwing a coin.. and if you are lucky the best you can get is just the feeling of the dice rolling. Time slows down and your eyes raised to the sky watching heads and tails dancing together chasing each other..

“to bet everything in a moment, only one slow shot! meanwhile it’s rolling, the dice is rolling, changing again the face to show.. my destiny in a hand, knowing that I’ve already lost”.

Item#4: The Cloud

Classical buzz word for the IT insider, but something that is changing our lives, positively, and often we don’t even realize it!

Let’s state it clearly: in my opinion this is the “search engine era” (with all my respect of course for our mother the Internet that made everything happen)!
Yep, the time of the “beloved and hated” Google.
Organizing information means somehow creating knowledge. If you can’t access or locate a certain piece of information you don’t have that knowledge.

Somehow the idea of a bigger intelligence that you can access from your dumb device is already there.. but what I bring in my luggage as representative of cloud is the notorious app Shazam!

Shazam is a service that provides music identification through acoustic fingerprinting. You just have to position your phone close to a speaker playing an unknown melody for 15 secs. That music sample is sent somewhere in the cloud and you get back the name of artist and the song you were wondering.. magical experience!

It’s a simple idea.. but the power of the cloud it’s to scale it (11 million songs), somewhere, and to make it accessible to everyone!
Like Street View of Google,again :) ..easy! I take a picture of place and I tag it.. Yep, but before you had to be so visionary to imagine it globe-wise.


If you haven’t done it yet, give it a try:


Look around.. it’s a cloudy world out there!


Item #3 SCI membercard

What is SCI? Let google it:

Service Civil International (SCI) is one of the world's largest international volunteering organizations with more than ninety years of experience in coordinating international voluntary projects. Through these projects we help break down barriers and prejudices between people of different social, cultural and national backgrounds and promote a culture of peace.

Last June I became member of this organization and I joined the italian local branch. (You can have a look and find out if your country has a local branch too.. it just makes things easier)

Anyway I had the idea of investing my summer holidays in something more constructive than sunbathing :) . 
So I attended 2 seminars in Rome and Milan where I met very nice people and I found out an easy going environment. In August I participated in an international volunteering project in Vietnam. Together with other 20 volunteers we helped to organize educational activities in a primary school for children from family with difficult conditions. We also did some renovation work for the school.

It was surprising, enriching, challenging, funny.. just great!

What do I think about this experience?

Knowledge and differences awareness make you a better person.
You, being a better person is already a step forward for our society.
Your contribution in a work camp maybe just a drop in the sea, but it can mean really a lot to someone.

Check this out: 

Item #2 The idea of Change

The second thing that I carry in my luggage is the idea of change. As you can imagine from how this blog is named, the need of change has crucially influenced my personal story and life lately.

Here I’m just reporting an index on how successfully leading change. Something I’ve learned from an excellent coach and from a masterpiece of this subject “Leading Change” from John P. Kotter.

“Change is the only constant” right? Everybody sooner or later will have to deal with it. Hope you get interested and you get to explore more this fascinating topic.

A successful change is a multistep process that pass through 8 steps:









Which one I love the most?  Number 3:
“Developing a good vision is an exercise of both the head and the hearth, not just a strategy exercise. “

Now it is time to get head and hearth going at the same pace!


Item #1    I don’t care T-shirt

Yep, first thing I can’t travel without.. of course the green of my I don’t care T-Shirt.

IDC is a flag, a statement of independence. It’s a positive attitude.. a movement trying to change people mentality. Check out people getting connected and sharing their slice of world through I don’t care.

About IDC: 

I don’t care is the idea of connecting different people all around the world. 

I don’t care is a statement of freedom, its the freedom of being your self without worrying about what others may think about you. 

IDC is not about fashion, wearing the green of IDC means being part of a movement.

We want to create a community of people that have the same view of life and that want to share the world seen through their eyes.

If you believe that life is just one and everybody should live it without constriction,

embrace our vision and make the viral contamination happen.

Spread the verb and keep supporting us !!!

Check this out :


100 Things in My Luggage

You are moving to the other side of the world and you have got 23 kg to deal with in order to store your life :)

100 things that I can’t leave behind.

Things, symbols and memories that make me what I am today and that hopefully you can find interesting.