Saturday 17th November

Coldplay was akjfgalfsbbajkf amazing and magnificent don’t even begin to describe how the concert was. I am so happy and blessed to have been able to go with 7 of my friends who made it an even better experience. 

4 of us lined up since 12pm to save the others a spot and we were all waiting in excitement, playing the ‘time’ game to guess the time every time someone asked 'how long to go?’ 5 minutes to go and we all lost it. We were told not to run so we tried not to but it couldn’t be helped when we got xylobands strapped onto us and were given the clear to 'move calmly’ to Oval A. OUr group ended up on the left side of the stage right infront of the 'walking strip’ of the stage and we were all excitedddd


The Pierces came on and they were good but no one seemed to care because of the bigger picture here. The Temper Trap was great, the lead singer’s voice is out of this world and his body rolls were fantastic hahaha. There was one part during The Drum Song i think, where he was drumming and water was spraying out of it, and he was body rolling and had angry eyebrows and a stank face on, it was awesome.

After The Temper Trap, we had 40 minutes to go. This was where I called my boyfriend, who happened to be in the seatings with his friends (it was a last minute thing for him) and two of the guys lifted me up on their shoulders and I was waving to him like crazy and we were both shouting incoherent stuff hahah.

I will never forget the feeling of when all the lights shut off and the intro song was playing. Usually I dont like to cry and try everything in my power not to in public, but this, this was like chills up my spine, goosebumps and my eyes were stinging and then I just lost it as Hurts Like Heaven started and I saw the band. Coldplay. I have never felt so alone in a crowd just overcome with emotion, I didn’t even look at my friends because i’m pretty sure all of us were crying and jumping and singing. Fireworks, confetti, lasers, lights and xylobands lit up the stadium and it was so overwhelming. I’m pretty sure my face would have been priceless when Lovers In Japan started playing, because the intro is absolutely akhfbNSDJABjbdgs. I dont think I stopped crying for the whole two hours that they played because as soon as an intro to a song started, the tears flowed. I just couldn’t when The Scientist was followed by Yellow. I called my boyfriend cause this is one of our songs (yes, we’re both asian, sah punny) and i have never heard him cry but man oh man, we were both singing and crying, like reeeaaaally crying, like sobbing and it was perffff. In My Place and Don’t Let It Break Your Heart were the songs where Chris was literally 2 metres away from us, singing to the crowd and jumping around and i was crying and screaming sooo hard.

With the concert coming to a close, I could no longer cry cause i’m pretty sure i was dehydrated hahah. Me and all my friends linked arms, hands, feet whatever and were all swaying to the outro of Warning Sign and I swear my heart could have burst, it was the best feeling to listen to your favourite band surrounded by people you love. I’m pretty sure Chris loved the Sydney crowd the best 

All in all, Coldplay was the highlight of my concert experiences. highlight of my life! Coldplay is the only music that will make me have emotions as hard as i did that night. <333333333 joafbaionjioafg post coldplay depression