Angel gripped the handle of his hammer and swung it down onto his sword. Something was going to happen on this expedition but he didn’t know what. But his nightmare showed a monster…a thing, killing his friends. He kept it a secret because he was afraid they would hold off finding Earth….

“Trash…” He said as he threw the sword that he just made into the junk chest. 

“I will remake the weapon I used to kill Mylonite….. I will stop this creature from killing my friends… I will.” 

He never really was fond of getting weapons or armor from gods, he liked getting his hands dirty, Hours and hours went into making his swords and armor in his old world and he was prepared to do the same in this world. 

“Love… why don’t you just go to sleep?” Sarah would ask him every night and Angel would answer the same way… “I’m busy love… I’ll be there in a minute” 

Finally, He got his sword….. Scale of Balance. He could feel the power flow through his body again, With a smirk on his face he started working on his bow and armor. 

He hung his armor and weapons up on the wall and yawned.  He was ready for tomorrow…. He was ready to get Earth back. 

“Angel….Angel wake your @*$ up! We got to go!” 

He groaned and leaned up looking at Sarah putting on her armor, with a sigh he knew today was the day. He got up and started putting his armor on as well. 

“I am sure you all know why you are here…” End voice echoed as everyone nodded and looked at each other.

“Let’s get Earth back…. Remember if my dad try to brainwash you, do not let him!” 

Everyone cheered but Angel was more worried then ever and it didn’t help when his daughter pluto came by.

“Pluto! Please go home… I need you to watch over the bunnies…ok?”

Pluto played with her fingers looking down before looking back up at Angel.

“B….But I want to go with Mom and Dad….”

Angel sighed before playing with her hair a little and smiled. 

“Next time, I promise!”

She smiled and nodded, running back towards the house.

——————————-  expedition———————–

Angel was above Earth, taking his pickaxe out he started mining towards her until a voice echoed through his mind.

“You want peace??? You want balance?…..Please, we both know balance is a lie” 

Those words were the same that Mylonite told him.

“Shut up!” 

He thought to himself as he kept mining, he was close to Earth he could feel it. 

The air around him started getting cold, Looking down at his feet he saw rocks and in his hand was the same sword he used to kill Mylonite, around him was blackness and he could smell the smoke and dead bodies that was laying in the battle field. 


Turning around he saw Mylonite facing towards the battle field like she did in the old world. Placing his left hand around her mouth he pushed his sword deep into her back. 

The world slowly turned back to what it was, looking left he saw his friends shocked. He didn’t understand at first but then he looked forward and saw that the person he thought was Mylonite was Zen.


 The deep voice echoed through his mind before everything around him slowly turned black.