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Aisle411 and Schnucks deliver Indoor Location for Customers with the Shops App

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Slides from today’s talk at AppsWorld London now up: Proximity and In-Store engagement. 

SmartFocus have launched a joined-up contextual marketing platform (branded as The Message Cloud) as well as a new “virtual beacon” offering. The virtual beacon approach does in fact rely on a real “anchor Beacon” placed at the entrance to the store, plus some smarts that uses a combination of the phone’s magnetometer, plus some other radio frequencies being emitted by the anchor beacon, to figure out where the user is in store. Wacky. Nice coverage in VentureBeat here


As reported in TechCrunch has secured initial funding to launch its Customer Loyalty Platform for small businesses. Looking, um, remarkably like its American Big Brother Belly, it combines a mobile app, physical loyalty cards, and an electronic option for small to medium sized retailers to roll-their-own loyalty service. Basically “loyalty-in-a-box”. And from what I can tell from the site, it follows the Belly playbook (stamps for rewards, mixed physical and mobile loyalty card/app, iPad for display, attract and signup).

Judging by the website, they may have an option (as Belly does) to provide an iPad (or you can supply your own).

According to TechCrunch, it’s a spin-out from Marco Pearson’s Vouchercode empire - with one of the employees becoming the CEO of the new venture. Will be interesting to see how and where they launch it in the UK, but certainly, armed with the Markco Media relationship, there should be plenty of synergy to get them up and running.

WizTurn from SK Telecom : Indoor Location (iBeacon) Platform

We bumped in to the SK Telecom Folks at the excellent Place2014 Conference in New York a few weeks ago. One of the folks we chatted to was from SK Telecom - where it turns out - they have built out their own end to end indoor location / proximity platform called WizTurn. It seems to be the full soup-to-nuts platform - everything from maps to proximity, apps and APIs. Fair play to them. Plus they have quite a few use cases to discuss (they were in the slides from the event). Will also post their rather cool video explaining it all…


Sponda Video showing how to do “physical cookies” and reverse the typical iBeacon architecture (instead you carry a fob/beacon and the world reacts to you)

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