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[Sep 20, 2017 tweet from the account @MeetAnimals, with a photo of a white kitten calmly hanging upside down from the top of a cage, clinging to the upper bars with her paws and looking out curiously at whoever is taking her photo: “I forgot how to kitty, so I’m a bat now”]

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femslash february prompts: berena #2: mistaken for dating

hahah so this ended up much longer that I thought it would be so most of it’s under a cut. It’s basically fluff and feelings but CW: implied homophobia in one section

Realisations, Bernie Wolfe/Serena Campbell, Teen, 2500+ words. 

It takes Serena a while to notice. An embarrassingly long time, in hindsight, to realise. She likes to think she can be forgiven for not grasping it quicker, because after all it was all so innocuous in the beginning, there was barely anything for her pick up on anyway.

She likes to think she can be forgiven for not noticing sooner. Not noticing the assumptions others made about her or about Bernie. Not noticing the assumptions colleagues and their families and strangers and their dogs made about Bernie and herself. She wants to be forgiven, really, for not noticing sooner: not noticing how she and Bernie might as well be dating.

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2. "You know how I feel about birthdays." Michael and Spock!

so I kinda went with it? the exact sentence isn’t spoken but here we are anyway. I tried not to spoil the book for anywhere where they do interact so hopefully you can read this spoiler free. also here on ao3


Michael had debated on if she should do it or not. It simply, at it’s core, was not logical. But her captain was always telling her to embrace any human instincts she might have, however much she buried them.

It would also serve as a bridge between them, a way to keep up conversation given their shared history.

Now she knew she was just trying to find the perfect logic to present to Spock and she took a deep breath, clearing her mind as Sarek had taught her to do.

When she felt she was ready she issued the subspace communication to the Enterprise, wondering if it was even in range to take the message.

Spock appeared on screen only a half a beat later, raising an eyebrow coolly in a way that made him look like his father though Michael doubted he’d appreciate the similarity. He hadn’t the last time she’d made a comment like that after all.

“Spock.” She held up her hand, giving the customary ta’al.

He returned the salute, intoning quietly, “Commander.”

That he was using her title wasn’t a sign this conversation was going to go well but it was also just the Vulcan way and Michael could appreciate that. “I called to wish you a happy birthday.” Even as she said it it sounded ridiculous but she continued on. “As is the human tradition. I thought it logical given our familial connection to…embrace such an idea.”

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whaaaat garak/dax i had not considered this.

There was a post about it a while back. I guess the lines were eventually cut from the finished product, but here’s how a scene in “Civil Defense” originally went down:

			If I were to input his code, the 
			computer would scan my DNA pattern 
			to determine if I really were Dukat.

			But what if we disconnected the 
			sensors in Ops... so that the computer 
			couldn't scan you?

	Garak looks at her with sudden appreciation.

			What a creative idea.
				(a beat)
			Tell me, do you eat breakfast, 

			Excuse me?

			My lunch calendar is full, but I am 
			looking for someone to join me at 
			breakfast.  I'm sure the Doctor will 
			tell you it's the most important 
			meal of the day.

			This is no time to plan your social 
			calendar.  Can you rewrite your access 
			code or not?

And Andy, apparently, played it to the hilt. He was apparently a bit saddened that the writers kind of looked at it and went yeahhhhh, no.

(How much do I love that little dig at Bashir, though? “I’m sure the Doctor would tell you it’s the most important meal of the day…” hee hee hee!)

Addendum–huh. “My lunch calendar is full.” So who does he have lunch with when he’s not having lunch with Bashir? Inquiring minds want to know!

RULES: If you want to! Tell who is your favorite character from 10 fictional works (Shows, Movies, Novels, Etc.) & tag 10 people!

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1) Sara Lance, Legends of Tomorrow – the kickass, bisexual formerly-dead former assassin who is now a Legend and timeship captain. I LOVE HER.

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2) Jason Todd, aka Red Hood, DC Comics – the black-sheep formerly-dead former Robin. He has anger management issues and a complicated relationship with the rest of the Batfamily. I can’t really put into words why I love him, but I doooo.

3) Elizabeth Weir, Stargate Atlantis – the strong leader of the expedition who has to put up with way too much, especially from one John Sheppard. Kind, lovely, and totally lives happily ever after.

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4) Vax’ildan, Critical Role – I’m only 17 episodes in, but he quickly became my favorite. He’s charming and dangerous, and he hits my competency kink so hard. (I cannot find a decent pic or gif, because like I said, I’m only 17 episodes into a show that currently has 95, and I don’t want to completely spoil myself.)

5) Artemis Crock, Young Justice – the archer who is trying to do good despite her villainous family and abusive childhood. Prickly at first, snarky forever.

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6) Asami Sato, Legend of Korra – the gorgeous, bisexual badass normal who fights alongside benders, kicking ass and taking names while looking flawless. She’s also sweet and kind. Who can blame Korra for falling in love with her?

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7) Helena Wells, Warehouse 13 – the badass, bisexual genius who, okay, wanted to destroy the world a bit. She regrets that, though! And she remains forever awesome and way more noble than she gives herself credit for.

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8) Severn Handred, The Chronicles of Elantra – the quiet, extremely dangerous former assassin (basically). Fiercely loyal to Kaylin and willing to do basically anything to protect her. I’m basically in love with him, not going to lie.

9) Sameen Shaw, Person of Interest – the badass bisexual sociopath who figures out that being a good guy is kind of rewarding. She’s hot and snarky and dangerous and I have a type, okay.

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10) Rey, Star Wars – the scavenger who somehow stays optimistic and hopeful despite a hard life in the desert. She finds a stillness and strength in the Force that she never expected. Honestly my favorite Star Wars character.

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hey friends!

There is a NEW FRIEND! Her name is Helen @jhelenoftrek and she was lured over from AO3, where she has been posting awesome fics and leaving kind comments, by the promise of a functioning PM system. She is also on and VAMB so I know some of you know her ( @cheile !) Oh, and she is a JCer, which I know will ingratiate her to a lot of y’all nerds ;)

I wanted to make introductions, as it were, and ask if there is anything she should know about the Voyager scene on Tumblr that I missed…I told her about JC Monday, Janeway Tuesday, Chakotay Wednesday/ChakoDAY, and Torres Thursday ^_^

Also–more generally, can anyone find one of those Guide to Tumblr type posts that tell you everything that isn’t super obvious, but important to the general Tumblr experience? Like, ask memes, fyeah/confession/etc blogs, when to tag your posts, all that jazz. I ~know~ there are some floating around!

Hmmm so. @emmikamikatze you might know?? from VAMB and is a wonderful goofball with a great since of humor (and a fantastic writer, as khurst)! @joyful-voyager is also a fantastic writer and a passionate JCer who has been shipping it since the show aired. @danakatherinejaneway lives with Boo-Boo, The World’s Most Beautiful Cat, and writes lovely JC (and occasional JT?) hurt/comfort, fluff, and humor. @mylittleredgirl (who has a Chief Canine Officer) has been in the fandom 5ever and knows everything; her long tag essays and general hilariousness are not to be missed.

@supernovacoffee is a kind and sparkly person who will be excited with u about all things Voyager. @fbismostunwanted1158 writes wonderful JC fics (I love her medical drama stories ;) @rawkfemme just started writing fics yay!!! and is a v cool person with a “Parenting Is…” blog feature (see you’re not the only Real Adult)! @justhere4coffee isn’t solely a Voyager blog but they’re a fantastically kind person with a drolly amusing tagging system, and reblog lots of pictures of cute rats. @capt-nyc writes the. darkest. angstiest. JC. fics. sweet holy mother of deanna. prepare to  w e e p (as LittleObsessions on AO3) and is a lovely friendly person!

@relentless-fire reblogs an awesome stream of Janeway content; if you like KJ her blog is the place for you. @the-bookwyrm is very much multifandom but also the nicest person ever so I can’t not include them. ;) @crisisenvy does UNBELIEVABLY amazing Janeway and Voyager digital art. @cxionbonan is a sweetheart and has an amazing puppy named Delta Hillary. @ersosandor writes amazing, AMAZING Voyager meta. @captainandhercorgi (as you might guess from her url) reblogs an exquisite mixture of Star Trek, memes, and corgis. @roslin makes the BEST gifs (lots of Battlestar Galactica content, also probably clear by url ;) @risiansunrise (the mastermind behind @tomparisalbum ) is laid-back and funny and has great tags!

I’m UNDOUBTEDLY forgetting wonderful people I know who are into Voyager–nothing personal and please reply and say hi if I missed u  ♥

And finally, ds9vgrconfessions is where people submit anonymous confessions. @pixiedane does HILARIOUS irreverent (but actually secretly very reverent) photo episode recaps of Voyager. And, @tomparisalbum is Tom Paris’s photo album (worth a look trust me).

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that comment about filler episodes was eye-opening…in this day and age of online shows that don’t have a 25 ep. season quota to meet, filler isn’t as necessary…and that filler….is fluff…

Oh! That’s such a succint way to put it. By eliminating the need for filler we lose our fluff. It’s unfortunate that the industry/our society sees fluff as ‘filler’, though. What does that say about our values?

"I'll Have What She's Having" - Berena Minific (Fluff)

Prompt help provided by @mylittleredgirl

When the morning light gets too bright to ignore, Bernie squints an eye open and groans in protest. Why she keeps forgetting to close the bloody drapes before going to sleep, she’ll never know. Perhaps it’s something about the moon’s reassuring glow that fills her with serenity. Perhaps it’s the way moonlight glimmers ever so sweetly on her lover’s naked body, allowing her eyes to trace it appreciatively long after the light has been switched off and the candles extinguished.

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gays on the roof

still working on mechanic AU but I will also hopefully be churning out a little gay af christmas fic in the next while and this ficlet is a bit of warm up for that.

set in the spring of 2017. mentions of bernie/serena, raf/fletch, jac/zosia. @mylittleredgirl probably like 80% of this is inspired by our convos and your amazing tags

this is also now on ao3

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I did one on my other blog (not weirandwonderful, another one) (I don’t know why the previous bracket was important… it wasn’t) so I thought I’d do a follow forever on this one too. Can I just say though, everyone is so lovely. Amanda Tapping is right, sci-fi fans are amazing. And if I ever so foolishly haven’t listed you, you are more than likely still amazing. (If you’re reading this, you’re ffantastig (<<Welsh. Not hard to figure out ;)) 




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Hey just entered the berena fandom!!! Would you mind recommending any good blogs to follow? As well as fic writers?


okay so good gif maker blogs: @roslin @nervouspearl @merylstreeeps @jocelynknights 

for more jemma redgrave @eve-granger for more serena campbell in prev years: @fyserenacampbell

@kitscaboodle makes vids and gifs and fic and uploads scenes from old eps so i couldn’t put her in just one category but she’s great 

fanart: @janetfraiser @hattersarts 

fanfiction: @missparker @acrimania @mylittleredgirl @deviltakehimback @ames-78 @strangerstarsandlands @tea-and-procrastination @phantomunmasked

other great people with just a+ content: @gloriousunderstanding @sarahlancashire @delightfullyambiguous