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whaaaat garak/dax i had not considered this.

There was a post about it a while back. I guess the lines were eventually cut from the finished product, but here’s how a scene in “Civil Defense” originally went down:

			If I were to input his code, the 
			computer would scan my DNA pattern 
			to determine if I really were Dukat.

			But what if we disconnected the 
			sensors in Ops... so that the computer 
			couldn't scan you?

	Garak looks at her with sudden appreciation.

			What a creative idea.
				(a beat)
			Tell me, do you eat breakfast, 

			Excuse me?

			My lunch calendar is full, but I am 
			looking for someone to join me at 
			breakfast.  I'm sure the Doctor will 
			tell you it's the most important 
			meal of the day.

			This is no time to plan your social 
			calendar.  Can you rewrite your access 
			code or not?

And Andy, apparently, played it to the hilt. He was apparently a bit saddened that the writers kind of looked at it and went yeahhhhh, no.

(How much do I love that little dig at Bashir, though? “I’m sure the Doctor would tell you it’s the most important meal of the day…” hee hee hee!)

Addendum–huh. “My lunch calendar is full.” So who does he have lunch with when he’s not having lunch with Bashir? Inquiring minds want to know!

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and the o’briens are the ‘everyman’ family too, like it’s AVERAGE that the family of a starfleet officer would naturally involve time-traveling children, pagh-wraith possession, android replicants, and that time keiko got turned into a 12-year-old.

“Average Starfleet Officer’s family undergoes traumatic incident three times a year actually statistical error Miles Georg O'Brien whose family lives on DS9 and undegoes three-thousand traumatic incidents a year is statistical outlier adn should not have been counted”


Star Trek: Voyager - Protectors by Kirsten Beyer You are indeed correct, in the context of Janeway stating “Let me think, where did I leave the keys to that chastity belt” she was arguing with Admiral Montgomery about her relationship with Captain Chakotay and what would happen if she were to return to the fleet and be in charge (overseeing Captain Chakotay) out in the DQ. Here are two screen caps that may help put it into context and now that Protectors has been out for a couple of weeks, I don’t mind posting it (since it is a bit of a spoiler, though they already had spent their *only* night together at Proxima Station in an earlier book) So Montgomery is the one arguing the “finer” points of professional conduct with her.

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I feel like I need a hit of the fluffiest floofy episode that ever floofed after every screencap. Like if I could get “The Cloud” and “Twisted” injected directly into my brain that would help. *SOBBBINGGGG*

How about some JC gifs to make you feel better?

Actually…I don’t think that helps. :(

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Hi Bethany, your hair looks so great! I'm thinking about colouring my hair, too, so I started wondering if you dye it with a permanent colour or a temporary one that washes out? And if you permanently dye it, how do you deal with growing it out? Sorry for my lack of knowledge on proper hair dyeing protocol, I hope you won't mind enlightening me and everyone else :)

Thank you! :D

I mostly use Punky Colour semipermanent color, which smells divine and is conditioning and good for your hair. I wrote a detailed post about the first time I colored my hair here, and there’s a link in there towards the beginning to a couple of @thedaintysquid‘s super-informative and helpful blog posts about coloring hair. 

I don’t usually bleach first, since I have naturally blonde hair, and it still works really well, although the fade isn’t quite as pretty as it would be on bleached hair. The nice thing is that my natural dark blonde is kind of the same tone as the fading purple, so my roots aren’t quite as glaringly obvious as they might be. I only wash my hair only every 4-5 days, which helps the color last longer. Sometimes in between washes I rinse and condition it, if I’ve gotten hot and sweated a lot, and I use dry shampoo as needed.

If you have dark hair and you’ll need to bleach before coloring, there’s lots of information out there about how to bleach safely, you just have to google. :) Good luck, and if you do color your hair and are comfortable posting a photo, please tag me so I can see how it turned out! That goes for all of you, by the way. I’m always happy to be tagged in colorful hair posts.🌈

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I love you. The O’Briens are my DS9 OTP by virtue of their somehow staying married, and this headcanon is 100% perfect.

“Somehow staying married” is the right way to put it. They drive each other nuts. But when it comes down to it, they’ve got each other’s backs, and that’s the most important thing.

Also, I think Keiko’s got a wicked nasty sense of humour, and she makes Miles giggle inappropriately at public events.

“Stop it!”

“I’m not the one laughing. Oh, look, there he goes again–”

“Stop it!” And he’s blushing, burying his laughter behind his hand, while Keiko grins.

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your "about" page is a GIFT it's like true representation of the magnass blog follower experience.

ahahahaha thanks man!!!

is it the awfully photoshopped pic of me marrying kate mulgrew, or the manip of naked amanda tapping riding a horse that really does it?

(link to said page for any interested parties)

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Oh, man, no, that’s all wrong! Def F the Borg Queen, My Kashyk and K Michael Sullivan forever IN HELL!

Geez Brains tell me how you really feel! (I think I’m going to start texting you pictures of him because you LOVE him so much). See since Sullivan is a hologram you can totes pull a KJ and modify him to your needs. I’m pretty sure that’s the only way I would survive a long-term relationship because after a while real people get on my nerves.

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djga;lskjga;lgja;gj ARE WE THE SAME PERSON ~ I mean, these are great answers.

I think after watching so much Star Trek we all start becoming the same person. We are like the freakin Borg! Resistance if futile…must watch Trek and cry because of feels.

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WHAT WHAT WHAT “yo k, it’s coo. We can do it with less peeps yo” I CAN’T BREATHE I’M LAUGHING SO HARD - YOU ARE PERFECT

Yeah…those were the three margaritas talking. But wouldn’t it be nice to see them be less formal sometimes, especially in social situations.

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man they dismantled DS9 so thoroughly in the finale. as I was watching it as each person went off I was like “no. no… no…” as the dreams of a DS9 movie disappeared into a narratively satisfying but personally depressing endinggggg dammit.

No I’m talking about when Sisko comes back and Kira is First Minister of Bajor (now a member of the Federation). Haven’t gotten much beyond that, but there’s a story there.
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you were posting erotica on the internet when you were eleven blESS

i wasn’t even allowed on the computer unsupervised but NEVER DOUBT THE TENACITY OF PRETEENS 

Was looking for soothingly narrated audiobooks to recommend to @little-brisk​ and stumbled upon this which is probably Not That but 


I mean it’s no Time Travel Through the Bible, but it definitely belongs in the expanded collection of materials for the Earth Religions class at Star Trek University.

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you are such a force for good in this fandom. <3 i don’t even go here but i feel reassured just scrolling by your posts that things are gonna work out in whatever fandom you’re in yay.

Ahahahaha. The fandom would totally disagree with you.  I am like the most ranty/bitchy poster in the tag!  But ilu and I’m glad I reassure you <3

mylittleredgirl said: i love that episode and really hate that the kid wasn’t actually Picard’s son… although I guess that would have been like David with Kirk… but still it’s a good trope I want that trope.

what’s that trope called? long lost child? Luke, I am your father? Luke, I might be your father? lolol I can give you a thing about Picard being a dad if you like :)

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Will Riker was my first childhood tv crush so he can basically do no wrong in my books but the best part about Will Riker is definitely Deanna trolling him.

Tumblr, I present to you mylittleredgirl. We disagree on a lot of things, we have few, if any, ships in common, and as seen here we have some pretty (some might say) incompatible feelings about certain characters. And yet she takes the time to say nice things about my snarky text posts, and focuses on what we can agree on. And because of that sort of thing is it possible, nay, a pleasure, to be Star Trek tumblr buddies with her. She is the future. She is how the Federation will someday come to be.