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femslash february prompts: berena #2: mistaken for dating

hahah so this ended up much longer that I thought it would be so most of it’s under a cut. It’s basically fluff and feelings but CW: implied homophobia in one section

Realisations, Bernie Wolfe/Serena Campbell, Teen, 2500+ words. 

It takes Serena a while to notice. An embarrassingly long time, in hindsight, to realise. She likes to think she can be forgiven for not grasping it quicker, because after all it was all so innocuous in the beginning, there was barely anything for her pick up on anyway.

She likes to think she can be forgiven for not noticing sooner. Not noticing the assumptions others made about her or about Bernie. Not noticing the assumptions colleagues and their families and strangers and their dogs made about Bernie and herself. She wants to be forgiven, really, for not noticing sooner: not noticing how she and Bernie might as well be dating.

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mylittleredgirl replied to your post: oh man i thought cadence and luna were sisters or nieces or something i clearly wasn’t paying enough attention!! <3

They are both princesses/alicorns which I guess could mean they’re related but Twilight becomes a princess/alicorn during the series so it’s not necessary, and it’s not ever expressed (that I recall). In MLP:FiM, Cadence is happily married with child to Twilight’s big brother and I do love Shining Armor, but in Equestria Girls (the Friendship Games flick aka technicolor femslash extravaganza) this happened:

And, hi, OTP. 

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3. What is the rarest rare pair (that you ship)? 5. What is your most fluffy + happy ship? [and in answer to your question about the letters and numbers -- it's a weird thing with my theme that it turns numbered lists to lettered lists! i'm not fluent enough with code to un-do that! sorry for the confuse]

[No worries, tumblr theme coding strikes all the time ;)]

3. What is the rarest rare pair (that you ship)?

Well there’s Jessica Jones/Bucky Barnes (Marvel), a ship I’m pretty sure I made up. I created a whole mirror universe around them, which led to all sorts of other rare pairs.

But the rarest of rare is probably Lily Evans/Barty Crouch Jr. (Harry Potter), which I’m not only pretty sure I made it up, I don’t know of anyone else who ships it.

My rarest rare pair for Star Trek is: Demora Sulu/Owen Paris, my ship of dreams. 

5. What is your most fluffy + happy ship?

Ha ha ha, I don’t ship happy! Maybe Clawdeen/Draculaura (Monster High) or Cadence/Luna (Equestria Girls)? They’re at least lower angst!

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whaaaat garak/dax i had not considered this.

There was a post about it a while back. I guess the lines were eventually cut from the finished product, but here’s how a scene in “Civil Defense” originally went down:

			If I were to input his code, the 
			computer would scan my DNA pattern 
			to determine if I really were Dukat.

			But what if we disconnected the 
			sensors in Ops... so that the computer 
			couldn't scan you?

	Garak looks at her with sudden appreciation.

			What a creative idea.
				(a beat)
			Tell me, do you eat breakfast, 

			Excuse me?

			My lunch calendar is full, but I am 
			looking for someone to join me at 
			breakfast.  I'm sure the Doctor will 
			tell you it's the most important 
			meal of the day.

			This is no time to plan your social 
			calendar.  Can you rewrite your access 
			code or not?

And Andy, apparently, played it to the hilt. He was apparently a bit saddened that the writers kind of looked at it and went yeahhhhh, no.

(How much do I love that little dig at Bashir, though? “I’m sure the Doctor would tell you it’s the most important meal of the day…” hee hee hee!)

Addendum–huh. “My lunch calendar is full.” So who does he have lunch with when he’s not having lunch with Bashir? Inquiring minds want to know!

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I love you. The O’Briens are my DS9 OTP by virtue of their somehow staying married, and this headcanon is 100% perfect.

“Somehow staying married” is the right way to put it. They drive each other nuts. But when it comes down to it, they’ve got each other’s backs, and that’s the most important thing.

Also, I think Keiko’s got a wicked nasty sense of humour, and she makes Miles giggle inappropriately at public events.

“Stop it!”

“I’m not the one laughing. Oh, look, there he goes again–”

“Stop it!” And he’s blushing, burying his laughter behind his hand, while Keiko grins.

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and the o’briens are the ‘everyman’ family too, like it’s AVERAGE that the family of a starfleet officer would naturally involve time-traveling children, pagh-wraith possession, android replicants, and that time keiko got turned into a 12-year-old.

“Average Starfleet Officer’s family undergoes traumatic incident three times a year actually statistical error Miles Georg O'Brien whose family lives on DS9 and undegoes three-thousand traumatic incidents a year is statistical outlier adn should not have been counted”


Star Trek: Voyager - Protectors by Kirsten Beyer You are indeed correct, in the context of Janeway stating “Let me think, where did I leave the keys to that chastity belt” she was arguing with Admiral Montgomery about her relationship with Captain Chakotay and what would happen if she were to return to the fleet and be in charge (overseeing Captain Chakotay) out in the DQ. Here are two screen caps that may help put it into context and now that Protectors has been out for a couple of weeks, I don’t mind posting it (since it is a bit of a spoiler, though they already had spent their *only* night together at Proxima Station in an earlier book) So Montgomery is the one arguing the “finer” points of professional conduct with her.

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I feel like I need a hit of the fluffiest floofy episode that ever floofed after every screencap. Like if I could get “The Cloud” and “Twisted” injected directly into my brain that would help. *SOBBBINGGGG*

How about some JC gifs to make you feel better?

Actually…I don’t think that helps. :(

I’m feeling very happy at the moment, and wanted to spread some love to those that made it possible:

To hardrightturn for encouraging me to hang on to my sanity during this rough work week, and for never failing to be my partner in flail. That Stalker episode!! Thanks for always keeping an eye on the sky for me. <3

To mylittleredgirl for being the queen of excellent commentary; your hilarious tags on all things Star Trek and Stargate have kept me entertained during this trying week. I’ve been thinking about you a lot and sending as much love as I can your way.

To gilllianfoster who completely understands my partners kink and will make me cry if she ever changes her blog name! Motive has been my saving tv grace the last couple of weeks and season 2 is so right up my alley. Thank you for introducing me to it – feel free to always send me your recs.

To earnmysong for keeping my brain occupied with important sci-fi questions and 12 Monkeys theories. AND FOR WRITING ME FIC. And for sending me snippets of other work in progress fics, and for reaching out to me to make sure I’m okay when I disappear. Also, for Center Stage. And your positivity and enthusiasm. There are lots of reasons you make me happy.

To syd15 – do I really need to explain? All the fandoms, all the thoughts, basically. You get me. :D And you tag everything so I can search for stuff – this is a big deal when it’s late at night and I need a spiral. Plus, you’re trying to help me get out of the Under The Dome disaster I put myself in which is no small undertaking. Thanks for replying to posts and for your sweetness.

To bhalobashi because omg thank you for still watching Suits and chatting with me about it. I don’t know why we’re doing this to ourselves, but I love discussing the episodes with you. Our talk on Wednesday spurred forward the fic I’d been puttering around in, and Thursday and Friday were much less painful work days with otp thoughts in my head.

And to cottonwoolfairy because even though we’ve never chatted, I’ve been seeing you liking/reblogging my posts all week and it makes me smile. I think we’d get along swell. :)

Thanks to all of you this week, and to so many more but then I’d have to long post tag this. You guys are all good people.

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Oh, man, no, that’s all wrong! Def F the Borg Queen, My Kashyk and K Michael Sullivan forever IN HELL!

Geez Brains tell me how you really feel! (I think I’m going to start texting you pictures of him because you LOVE him so much). See since Sullivan is a hologram you can totes pull a KJ and modify him to your needs. I’m pretty sure that’s the only way I would survive a long-term relationship because after a while real people get on my nerves.

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djga;lskjga;lgja;gj ARE WE THE SAME PERSON ~ I mean, these are great answers.

I think after watching so much Star Trek we all start becoming the same person. We are like the freakin Borg! Resistance if futile…must watch Trek and cry because of feels.

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WHAT WHAT WHAT “yo k, it’s coo. We can do it with less peeps yo” I CAN’T BREATHE I’M LAUGHING SO HARD - YOU ARE PERFECT

Yeah…those were the three margaritas talking. But wouldn’t it be nice to see them be less formal sometimes, especially in social situations.

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excuse me i would like to buy a ticket for passage on any and all ro laren ships thank you.

hello there friend would you like to sit here in the corner with me and cry about how this character deserves much more love and attention than she gets and about how there is so much potential for b'elanna torres and ro laren working together and falling in love, but there is no fanfic?